Chandrababu Is As Cunning As A Fox

  • The state deceived
    under TDP rule
  • Atrocious rule
    ignoring promises
  • YS Jagan only can
    defeat Babu
  • Let us reach every
    doorstep and work for the party’s consolidation
  • Let us slam
    Chandrababu’s corrupt deceptive rule
  • YSRCP leaders condemn
    TDP Government

Vijayawada: YSRCP MLC Pilli
Subhash Chandra Bose acclaimed YSR as a farmer-friendly CM and slammed the
injustice done by Chandrababu to them. He mentioned that YSR had always thought
about the farmers’ welfare and development and reminded that he had also given
bonus for rice. He explained that YSR knew the troubles of the farmers, while
remarking that Chandrababu himself troubled farmers.

Farmers have been
completely neglected

Pilli Subhash Chandra
Bose stated that Babu’s boasting about benefiting farmers had never been true
and in fact, he had put them in trouble. Having supported Swaminathan committee’s
recommendations when not in power, Chandrababu himself had neglected them after
becoming the CM, he mentioned. He criticised that Pattiseema scheme had been
brought into picture only to fill the pockets of the TDP leaders. He held Babu responsible
for Godavari’s drying up in Kharif season like never before. He reminded that
YSRCP had warned Babu many times against Pattiseema.

The Government has no
commitment to Polavaram

Bose suggested the
farmers of the Godavari districts to think back their voting for Babu. None of
the manifesto promises had been kept and the rivers Krishna and Godavari were
drying up due to Babu’s incompetence, he opined. He reminded that Polavaram
project had been promised to be completed by 2018 but not a bit of work had
happened. He challenged that YS Jagan would felicitate Chandrababu if Polavaram
was completed by 2018. He demanded the Government to take care of the expatriates
of water projects.

Corruption had crossed
its limits

YSRCP’s deputy floor
leader Uppuleti kalpana commented that the corruption in the last two years had
set new records. She slammed Babu’s undemocratic rule. She mentioned that not
one house had been built for the poor. Speaking at the general body meeting in
Vijayawada, she condemned the undemocratic activities of TDP Government and
mentioned that Janmabhoomi committees were pocketing most of the money.

Uppuleti Kalpana spoke against the involvement of Janmabhoomi
committees in all the Government’s schemes and threatening to not implement
them unless joining in TDP happened. She revealed that not even one of the
files that had Babu’s signatures on the day of his swearing in had been worked
on. Anganwadi salaries had not been paid, loans had not been waived and jobs
had not been given, she exclaimed. She commented that Babu had caught YS Jagan
fever. When questioned about announcing the names of drought areas, Babu had
questioned where drought was, she exclaimed. He called it shameless for a CM to
behave with partiality. She slammed his earlier remark that nobody would like
to be born in SC community.

Chandrababu gave a
blow to the farmers’ bread

Mangalagiri, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy complained that Chandrababu had been doing
real estate business and corruption in the name of capital city. Speaking at
the general body meeting held at Vijayawada, he criticised Babu’s double
entendre. He blamed him for making false promises for getting into power.

RK mentioned that Siva Ramakrishnan committee had stated that
the land with black soil that was suitable for cultivation would not suit the requirement
of the capital city, but that it had gone unheard. He added that Chandrababu
had instead formed a committee with his coterie to rob the farmers of their
lands. He made it clear that YSRCP was never against the capital city but was
only against the corruption going on in the name of the capital city. RK
mentioned how Narendra Modi had offered nothing but a little mud and a little
water for the state. He opined that Modi had done this out of lack of trust in
Chandrababu’s credibility. He questioned how the funds of Rs.850 crore sanctioned
for the capital construction had been spent. He also asked if a capital of area
6800 was necessary for a state of 13 districts.

RK complained that the Government had mercilessly put the lands
that were not given away on fire. He held Babu responsible for lack of inquiry
on such arsons. He stated that the farmers were suffering as their fruitful lands
had been taken away with force. This had not only affected the farmers owning
those lands but also the labourers who would earn Rs.500-800 as daily wages. He
slammed the ministers for going to the farmers’ houses late at night on
Chandrababu’s instruction and threatening them. At the time of snatching the
lands, jobs had been promised to the people of those households, but even that
had not been implemented, complained RK. He questioned if minister Narayana had
been offering free education to the farmers’ kids, ridiculing his earlier
announcement that he was going to serve the society through politics. He also
commented that the peaceful rural atmosphere of the area had been destroyed

RK criticised that almost 70 houses had been planned to be
demolished around Mangalagiri area just so that Chandrababu’s bus could go
smoothly through the area. He stated that they were fighting legally against such
conspiracies of Chandrababu and added that 8000-10000 acres of farmers could thus
already be saved from Chandrababu. He condemned Chandrababu’s wasting public
money by using helicopters to go from his house to the capital area. RL
informed that only 10,000 acres had been willfully given by farmers to the
capital city construction and the rest of the lands had been snatched wit
force. He suggested that people fought against Chandrababu’s atrocities under
the leadership of YS Jagan.

Babu pleaded KCR in
Note for Vote case

RK mentioned that
Chandrababu had shifted to Amaravathi only after being caught in Note for Vote
case. He had pleaded KCR in the issue and had mortgaged the benefits of the
state to him, he remarked. He cautioned that it was not very far when
Chandrababu would take a severe blow from the affection being garnered by YS
Jagan from the people of the state. RK slammed Chandrababu’s spending crores of
public money for his unlawful residence. He demanded that Babu stopped the real
estate business he ahd been doing in the name of capital city. He suggested to
the activists of YSRCP to follow the footsteps of YS Jagan to achieve the
golden rule of YSR again.

Father-son duo in
search of new ways for corruption

YSRCP’s official spokesman Ambati Rambabu stated that a book had
been released about Chandrababu’s corruption because a time of 1-2 hours would
not be sufficient to reveal the details of it. Speaking during the general body
meeting at Vijayawada, he reminded that corrupt activities of Babu. He
ridiculed that Babu and his son Lokesh were in search of new ways of corruption
since 2014 elections. In the research of corruption, Chandrababu and Lokesh
were senior and junior professors, mocked Ambati. He added that they had
discovered that corruption could also be done with sand and mud. He slammed
them for not sparing even endowments lands from their corruption. If they could
do corrupt activities of worth Rs.1.5 lakh crore in two years, how much more
could they do before elections approach, Ambati wondered. He condemned the
misuse of power and authority by them.

Ambati complained about the unhindered corruption performed by
Chandrababu. He stated that Babu-Lokesh duo did not even fear about winning the
next elections as they were under the false impression that distribution of
Rs.500-5000 per vote would take care of it. He mentioned that it was necessary
to take to the notice of people in every household the corrupt activities going
on since the last two years. He confided that YS Jagan alone had the capacity
to defeat the deceptive leader. He suggested that tactics were necessary to
face the cunning ideas to be plotted by the cunning fox-like Chandrababu at the
time of elections. He stated that YSRCP leaders were already being troubled
with false allegations and cases but stated that justice would finally prevail
in a democratic country.

Vengeful ban on Sakshi

Ambati Rambabu stated
that the telecast of Sakshi news channel had been vengefully banned by TDP out
of jealousy for the affection YSRCP had been garnering from people. He reminded
how Lokesh had earlier tried to control a channel by threatening and warning to
not telecast any programmes and news in support of YS Jagan. As Sakshi had
never kept itself to acclaim the CM, it had been vengefully suppressed, Ambati
opined. He confided that it would stick to the truth in spite of any hurdles.
He cautioned that people would teach Government a lesson if Sakshi’s telecast
did not resume.

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