Chandrababu Conspires to Grab Sadavarthi Lands

YSR Congress Party leader and MLA Alla Rama Krishna Reddy has said Chandrababu Naidu approached Supreme Court to grab the Sadavarthi lands at throw away prices.  

Addressing the press here,  the party leader said that on the instructions of the High court,  the lands were auctioned at a whopping Rs 66.3 crore . But the bidder Satyanaraya failed to pay the amount in timely. As per the rules,  second bidder should be given lands and pay the amount in a week time. But another bidder   Sanjiva Reddy, who is binami of Chandrababu, approached court to hand over the lands as he bid the lands for Rs 22 crore.  

The apex court took serious note of the developments taking place with regard to the sale of government lands and objected Sanjiva Reddy's claim.  Supreme court adjourned the issue to October 6 for further hearings. The registration value of the lands is Rs 6 crore. No one is coming forward to buy the lands as they are facing threats from Chandrababu and his son and IT minister Lokesh. 

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