Chandrababu Changes Colours Overnight

YSR Congress Party senior leader and MP Varaprasad alleged that Chandrababu Naidu took u turn on his decision to extend support to the no confidence motion moved by his party fearing YS Jagan will get big political mileage.

He questioned Chandrababu for taking the decision to move no confidence motion against BJP led NDA overnight. The TDP Chief was taking decisions in haste frightened by the growing popularity of  YS Jagan and not to the cause of  AP people. YSR Congress MP SV Subba Reddy already moved no confidence motion and sought the other parties support.  

Varaprasad claimed YS Jagan was the only leader championed the cause of AP people ever since the bifurcation of andhra pradesh and fought for special status at national level. Chandrababu developed the fear that  centre will disqualify the YSR Congress MPs who joined his party. 
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