Chandrababu At The Centre's Feet

  • Compromise with the
    centre in the matter of Cash for Vote
  • Future of 5 crore people
  • MLAs slam Chandrababu

Assembly Media Point: YSRCP MLAs expressed their fury towards CM Chandrababu Naidu for
mortgaging the special category status deserved by the state. They slammed him
for destroying the future of the people of the state. After the session was
adjourned, the MLAs spoke at the media point, condemning the Government’s
behaviour in the matter.

Nothing can surpass the importance
of discussing special status: 
YSRCP MLA Gopireddy
Srinivas Reddy

There was no matter more
important that special category status to be discussed in AP assembly, opined
YSRCP MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy. He suggested that it was not fair of
Chandrababu to mortgage the state’s benefits to selfishly get out of Cash for
Vote case. Citing the centre statement that funds equaling special status would
be sanctioned, Gopireddy questioned if it could sanction Rs.1 lakh crore, that
was the value of the development possible with the sanction of the status. He
proclaimed that the future of the youth and the children of the state lay in
the status. Gopireddy questioned how the capital city could be built with
Rs.1000 crore. He declared that YSRCP would stay amidst the people and work for
their welfare.

Future of 5 crore people
YSRCP MLA Pinnelli
Ramakrishna Reddy

Chandrababu was putting
the future of 5 crore people at stake for getting out of his cases, mentioned
YSRCP MLA and whip P.Ramakrishna Reddy. He acclaimed YS Jagan as the only
leader fighting for the sanction of the special category status. He appealed for
everybody’s support to the bandh called for by YS Jagan.

Babu does not deserve to
be the CM: 
YSRCP MLA Uppuleti

MLA Uppuleti Kalpana
proclaimed that YS Jagan was not eligible to continue as the CM of the state,
after mortgaging the public interest at Delhi. She criticised Chandrababu’s
indifference to the fight of the opposition and the people. Mentioning the
fight they were performing under the leadership of YS Jagan for the cause, she called
for everybody’s solidarity to the bandh to be conducted on the 10th
of this month.

What is behind the
midnight’s welcome?: 
YSRCP MLA Visweswar

MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy
questioned the meaning behind Chandrababu’s welcoming cabinet minister Arun
Jaitley’s announcement of special package in the midnight, after the unanimous
resolution had been passed in the assembly twice. He commented that the
one-sided decisions taken by Chandrababu were hard to digest by the people.
Complaining that the TDP Government was staying indifferent to the people’s
wish for the status, he opined that special package could never equal special
status. He criticised Chandrababu’s choosing selfish benefits to the state’s


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