Chandrababu in Bhogapuram..!

Notification to Land Business
Government’s Behavior in Bhogapuram kills Young Farmer

Vijayanagaram: The yellow government is torturing the people with its land acquisition. Chandrababu turned out to be a like a demon god for the farmers. The farmer’s lives are being sacrificed for his land thirstiness. The TDP is grabbing the lakhs of acres of lands from the farmers for Capital, Industries & Airports and literally they became like agents of devil.T

Land Business in Bhogapuram…Young Farmer dies
The Government decided to acquire 5000 acres of land in Bhogapuram, Vijayanagaram District  for the proposed airport. For this Chandrababu decided to grab the lands of the farmers forcefully. On his instructions the authorities have given notices, unable to digest this cruel act of land grabbing an young farmer died with heart attack.

Land vampire kills
Suri, resident of Vempadupeta, Bhogapuram Mandal has gone into a mental shock with the Government’s cruel act. Fearing that his crop lands would be grabbed his stress levels shot up and he died this morning. Though the farmers made it clear that they will not give lands for the airport, the government did not give up its adamant behaviour. The Opposition leaders and the public are warning the yellow government and its leaders that they will not tolerate if the livelihood of the farmers, the lands were grabbed from them.
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