Chandrababu Becomes A Scavenger

Chandrababu is holding vengeance on those opposition MLAs who are pointing out
his misdeeds. He is finding ways to harass them under the mask of police
support. Recently, active leader and YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has
been arrested with false accusations and age old cases.

towards the opposition

Chandrababu’s own district Chittoor holds no support for TDP.
Particularly in his own constituency Chandragiri, opponents always win.
Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy who has won from that constituency as an MLA has been relentlessly
fighting on behalf of the people. Unable to face him directly, TDP leaders decided
to harass YSRCP activists with the help of the police and the revenue
officials. When the officials tried to unjustly demolish a YSRCP activist’s
house with the support and direction of TDP leaders, Chevireddy came in the
way. That raised curtain for Chandrababu’s conspiracy.

towards the MLA

First MLA Chevireddy was arrested for coming in the way of their
duty. He had to be left free due to lack of any legal ways. Then Chevireddy
staged an agitation in front of RDO office and protested democratically.
Meanwhile TDP gang got the police excited about old cases filed against
Chevireddy. The police of Chittoor wore yellow jacket over khaki shirt and
rushed to Chevireddy to arrest him for a case of violation of elections code
filed in 2013. They rather dragged him with them. Let alone the respect
deserved by an MLA, Chevireddy was not even treated like a human. Then he was
presented in front of the magistrate and sent to Puttur sub-jail. His lawyers
then bailed him out and the police posed a hurdle even then by citing time for
bailing was out.

Drama yet again

A high drama happened again in Chittoor district. YSRCP MLA
Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy was arrested by the police again. After being bailed
out of Vadamalapeta police station, the police of MR Palli police station came
forward to arrest him for a case registered in their station. Chevireddy
protested in front of Chittoor district jail along with activists. MR Palli police
forced him away from there and arrested him accusing him for causing hindrance
to the duties of employees at sub-collector’s office. The police apparently
acted in order to gain the impression of TDP leaders but did not care much for
people’s good impression.

leaders in support

Arrest of Chandragiri’s MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy was a
political conspiracy, mentioned YSRCP MP Mithun Reddy and MLA RK Roja. They met
and comforted Chevireddy at Vadamalapeta police station. They blamed TDP for
framing Chevireddy in false cases and trying to suppress him in spite of his good
will to always help others and fight against their problems. They opined that
time was nearing when people taught lesson to the leaders of the ruling party.
They slammed the police for playing the fiddle for thee atrocities. MPP
Muralidhar Reddy, ZPTC member Suresh Raju and certain district leaders and activists
met and comforted Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy.

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