Central Agencies exploited for scams

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy opined that only Andhra Pradesh has a situation where the central Government agencies are exploited for corruption by the state Government. He slammed the AP Government for executing scams in the presence of the central agencies. In the beginning of the assembly budget sessions, during the questioning hour, YSRCP members asked if tenders were called for the supply of LED bulbs to house electricity users. Labour minister Achennayudu did not properly answer this question. Then leader of opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy intervened.

The minister said that the power was saved because bulbs were supplied by nomination system. YS Jagan stated that everybody knew that LED bulbs used 7-8 watts of electricity while normal bulbs used 60 watts and hence electricity was saved. He demanded answer from the minister for the question about calling tenders and sanctioning contract to lowest bids. Labour minister Achennayudu announced that the contract was not given to private people through nomination but was given to central Government agencies.

At this stage, YS Jagan criticized Chandrababu for his Government’s faulty rule. He commented that the central Government agencies were being exploited by the state Government for their benefit. He recollected how BHEL was used for scams in Genco. He also added that AP Genco’s face was used for coal purchase while Adanis were supplying it in reality. The coal was being supplied at high cost even after the prices came down and this was growing to be a huge scam, mentioned YS Jagan. He stated that the state had to bear the expense although central Government agencies were in picture here.

Then minister Achennayudu stated that he would answer the mentioned coal scam and other issues some other day and would talk about only the LED bulbs at this point, while resorting to his habitual personal criticism.

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