CBI Inquiry Is Necessary

  • Expose the secret deal between Chaitanya and Kesava Reddy
  • What has happened to the Rs.740 crore deposits collected?
  • Is this not deceiving the parents of the students?
  • Party defection is insulting
  • Anti-constitutional behaviour is crime towards the nation: Dharmana

Hyderabad: YSRCP state
general secretary Dharmana Prasada rao opined that the Government’s decision to
hand over Kesava Reddy educational institutions to Chaitanya institutions was
not right. He mentioned that Kesava Reddy institutions had collected almost
Rs.740 crore deposits from the parents of their students in AP during the past
few years. When this issue involved such a huge amount of public money, it could
not be finalized like a normal private deal, stated Dharmana. He demanded to
know the share of the ruling party in the benefit of this deal. He insisted
that CBI inquiry happened on this issue to know how many deposits had been
collected and to which property’s purchase they had been utilised.

Dharmana mentioned that inquiry agencies had already taken up the cases
registered against Kesava Reddy institutions for their failure to pay the
deposits back. He explained that the parents of the students were worried. He
remarked that the Government should take up the responsibility of the Rs.740
crore when it wanted to take up the responsibility of giving away the institution
to another. Dharmana recollected how the High Court intervened when Satyam
company was at loss. He questioned why the Government had not followed the same
way with regard to Kesava Reddy.

Dharmana mentioned the rumours regarding earlier relations between the
institutions of Chaitanya and Kesava Reddy. There were accusations that many
properties had been bought with the deposit amount collected from people. He
questioned if it was not deception to not take the responsibility of the Rs.740
crore collected as deposits. Dharmana commented that the Government was
selfishly trying to occupy the properties. He revealed that a similar heist had
happened in case of Agrigold properties. The case had not been rightfully
handed over to the CBI and the lands had been looted at the will of the ruling
party leaders, complained Dharmana. He condemned dealing with the Government’s
activities as if they were private affairs. He declared that it was the
responsibility of the Government to order probe on it.

Dharmana Prasad Rao condemned that TDP leaders for unlawfully
encouraging party defection. He expressed his dissatisfaction towards the
present political picture of AP. He stated that the people unaware of the
constitutional amendment made on disqualification in 2003 were giving wrong
signals. He opined that defecting one’s party was an insult to the whole
society. He demanded for immediate disqualification of defected MLAs.

Dharmana mentioned that TDP leaders had made Times of India to publish
that one-third of the leaders in a political party could form a group and
perform party defection but this was completely untrue. He ruled it out as a
trial to back their unlawful defection. He stated that the defector leaders in
AP deserved disqualification. Dharmana added that even if all the members of
the assembly defected their parties, they all deserved disqualification
according to anti-defection law. Encouraging such an act was shameful, Dharmana

Anti-constitutional behaviour of any party should be considered as crime
towards the nation, he opined. He remarked that people were wondering if the
people who were supposed to punish the defectors were delaying their action because
their intention was to act convenient for the ruling party leaders. Dharmana
slammed the people who were misusing the amendment made to the law in 2003. He
stated that the political parties needed to address this issue too.

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