CBI Inquiry Is Necessary

  • Chandrababu is
    protecting culprits
  • Is this the
    way to behave with a Rs.10,000 crore scam?
  • No offenders
    were arrested
  • CID inquiry to
    escape exposure through CBI inquiry
  • Minister
    Prathipati’s wife was sold lands while the investigation was still on
  • Properties
    should be auctioned under the supervision of the High Court: YS Jagan

 Hyderabad: YSRCP
president and leader of opposition YS Jagan complained that CM Chandrababu
Naidu was protecting culprits of Agrigold issue instead of getting them
punished. He informed that investigation was going on for Rs.2460 crore Sarada
Chit Fund scam in West Bengal and exclaimed that Agrigold scam had not yet seen
inquiry in spite of being a relatively bigger scam. He commented that
Chandrababu had not yet ordered for CBI inquiry as he feared that things would
be exposed against his favour. He added that Babu was rather confident about
keeping CID under his control.

Speaking in the assembly during discussion
on Agrigold, YS Jagan stated that there were 32 lakh victims of Agrigold
according to the computation of CID while 40 lakh was the count in reality. CBI’s
estimation of the amount of deposits was Rs.6,850 crore. Interest of Rs.3150
crore included, Rs.10,000 crore was the total amount, according to CID’s
estimation. YS Jagan slammed the TDP Government for falsely and irrelevantly stating
that this amount grew in Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s tenure. He read out the letter
written by SEBI on the 31st of March in 1998.

YS Jagan exclaimed that TDP was by the side
of Agrigold victims when it was an opposition party and had promised them
justice at the time of elections too. He complained that Chandrababu, upon
getting into power, started to concentrate on protecting the accused instead of
getting them punished. YS Jagan informed that the first case on Agrigold had
been registered in 2014 at Nellore and CID inquiry had been ordered on the 5th
of January in 2015, while criticizng the snail-paced investigation. CM
Chandrababu stated that he had been putting pressure on CID investigation.
Leaders of the ruling party posed obstruction and counterattacked a number of
times during YS Jagan’s speech.

People’s Interest Litigation had been filed in the High Court against Agrigold.
CID officials had unjustly suggested the court that the officials of Agrigold did
not need to be arrested. GO 23 had been issued on the 20th of February
in 2015 attaching the details of Agrigold properties. Properties in Tirupati
were not mentioned in this. Agrigold’s vice-chairman Sitaram had sold the
properties to a person named Avvas for Rs.14 crore while the investigation was
still going on. Before the GO 23 was issued, Agrigold sold the properties to Uday
Kiran, the director of Ram Avas Resorts and the wife of Prathipati Pullarao. YS
Jagan presented proofs pertaining to this in the assembly, mentioning that
these details had not been mentioned in the attachment provided by the Government.

Jagan ridiculed that it happy to see that the minister had accepted buying the
lands with the name of Venkayamma. While YS Jagan was speaking, he was
obstructed by Achennayudu, Prathipati Pullarao, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and
Bonda Uma trying to sidetrack the issue. An undistracted YS Jagan continued to
reveal the problems faced by Agrigold victims. He explained how 8 lakh victims
were leaving their villages and more than 100 suicides took place. YS Jagan
reminded that the customers and agents of Agrigold had appealed for CBI inquiry
in the High court as they knew that the inquiry ordered by Chandrababu Naidu
would do them no justice.

Sitaram Avvas nor Uday Kiran was arrested by CID. Five other people had been
arrested instead. He demanded the Government to order for CBI inquiry on
Agrigold scam and for auction of Agrigold properties under the supervision of
the High Court’s judge. He reminded that SEBI had suggested for ban of Agrigold
company in 1998 and questioned why TDP had not done that, while presenting the
picture that Chandrababu had taken with the chairman of Agrigold.

Jagan complained the irregularity of CID inquiry. He demanded that inquiry was
done on all the 155 companies owned by Agrigold. The chairman’s son started a
gold store in Dubai. No investigation had touched him. CID was boldly stating in
front of the court that no arrest was needed. He demanded promise of justice from
the Government.

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