Cannot stop the movement by illegal arrests

Machilipatnam: The YSRCP spokesman Perni Nani got bail.
It is known that, Perni Nani participated in the dharna on behalf of the
farmers opposing the governments conspiracy in collecting 30 thousand acres of
land for Machilipatnam Port and its affiliated industries.  The government conspired and police lead Nani
to Machilipatnam Sub-jail. The YSRCP leaders condemned the actions taken by the
government on the opposition leaders.

The YSRCP Party
leaders demanded the release of Perni Nani and protested in front of the office
of the Tehasil today. The participants in the protest included Bothsa
Satyanarayana, Partha Sarathy, Ramachandra Reddy, Jogi Ramesh, Nagi reddy and
others. After the protests they met Perni Nani in the sub jail of
Machilipatnam. Bothsa made it clear that the fight would not end by these
illegal cases and the government cannot prevent the movement of YSRCP initiated
on behalf of farmers. 

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