Can go to worst extremes!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP leader Marri Rajasekhar said that farmers are under fear as the ministers are blackmailing the farmers. He bruised in anger on the ministers who are even ready to burn the farm lands of farmers if they are not ready to give their land. He questioned the government that “If farmers were ready to give the farmlands, why are you burning farm lands?”. Why they are hundreds of cases registered in the court? questioned Rajasekhar.

Rajasekhar fired at the actions of government, burning the crops and indeed, moving those cases on the same farmers who are suffering. He commented that the ministers Narayana and Pulla Rao are aimed at terrorizing the farmers and grabbing their lands and hence, they are fixed to the capital area. Marri Rajasekhar mentioned that people are telling that the harvest is burned by TDP alone. They have burnt even the TDP member’s farm, which is a worst situation, revealing the action of Chandrababu Naidu proving that he can go to any extremes. 

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