Butta Renuka’s Displeasure Towards The Government

Kurnool: YSRCP MP of
Kurnool, Butta Renuka expressed her concern regarding the lack of cooperation
from the TDP Government for the development of the adopted villages. On Monday,
she visited the native village of her father, Pullagummi, that she had adopted.
She complained that the Government was hindering the developmental activities
she had been doing to the village. She criticised that the ruling party lacked
commitment towards development.

Butta Renuka gathered
information from PRAE  Achyutananda
Reddy, as the construction of roads had not happened with the sanctioned MP
funds. She stated about sanction of an extra Rs.30 lakh. She ordered the AE for
immediate commencement of work with the total Rs.1,20,00,000 including NREGS
funds that the village now had.

Participating in this
meeting were YSRCP’s Pattikonda in-charge Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy,
Tehsildar Sarada, MPDO Abdul Wahid, YSRCP mandal leaders Bommana Subbareddy,
Sankar Reddy, Venkateswar Reddy and Manohar Reddy.

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