Budget lacks proper data: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Feb 11, 2014: Describing the
Vote-on-account budget as a formality gone through in a great hurry, YSR
Congress has said the Finance Minister had little or no patience to at least
read the finance bill completely as he skipped from page to page making mockery
of the parliamentary procedures even as the financial paper has no proper data. 

“Though it is the responsibility o the Speaker
to keep the House in order, the Finance Minister should have had the patience
to read the entire text and explain the details but Anam Ramanarayan Reddy, who
came to the House in TDP dress code, ran away from his responsibilities,” Party
MLA Kapu Ramachandra Reddy told reporters here on Monday.  

He skipped major part of the budget speech and
hopped from page to page which is against the democratic norms. The facts were
not presented to us with clarity and we were kept in the dark about the
achievements, if any, of the State government as the revised estimates for
2013-14 were not properly accounted for by him.

 He has been very vocal in criticizing YSRCP in
the past, but he suddenly opted to go through the pages back and forth. There
were unruly scenes even while the Governor’s address to both houses of the
legislature but he completed his speech while the Finance Minister had just
dusted the budget speech out.  

As ten months of the Financial Year (FY)
2013-14 were over, data would be available and the estimates would have been
given. The only figures what we now have is that of the 2012-13 which shows the
inefficiency of the State Government, he said.  

While the plan expenditure was proposed at Rs
54,000 crores the actual figure was only for 43,313 crores which leave a
deficit of Rs 10,317 crores. There was no mention of how this would be attended
to. The fiscal deficit was shows as Rs 17,580 crores and though the Government
is eligible to raise another Rs 5,300 crores, it did not take that course as it
has no concern for the welfare schemes, he said. 

Welfare schemes have taken a go by and the
budget is a jugglery of figures and there is a yawning gap between the
proposals an actual which shows the inefficiency of the State Government.  

The revenue receipts were short by Rs 13,000
crores which shows the functioning style of the government. Even the central
funds were not spent on the welfare schemes and the State has lost much the
grant-in-aid that should have been received from the Centre. 

The government has focused more on publicity
than on the actual welfare schemes. The way budget was drafted clearly shows
that it has no concern for welfare.  

Congress and TDP are responsible for the
division of the state it is sooner the better the two parties should go. The
February 17 dharna will continue and in Lok Sabha our leader will fight it out
for the cause of a united seat.

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