Brutality in the name of Drought

Chandrababu Naidu from the beginning doesn’t like farmers; in his opinion agriculture is a waste, he is expressing this opinion from time to time through his behavior. Recently, he did that in announcement of drought hit areas.
The state is severely hit by the drought, the Krishna Delta which is called as ‘rice bowl of the state’ is exsiccating, the farmers were fed up of the situation and for the first time in the history declared ‘crop holidays’. It is needless to tell about Rayalaseema, arid crops and arid eyes of the farmers, not even a single drop of tear left out in farmer’s eyes. The government usually declares drought hit areas in these conditions.

The Anantapuram District Collector reviewed the situation and gave a report that all the mandal’s were badly hit by drought. Likewise, from all the districts huge number of petitions were received. With this it can be understood that 70 to 80% mandal’s which means at least 700 mandal’s were drought hit. The Agriculture Minister reduced that number to some extent and declared that 350 mandal’s only had drought impact. Within few weeks after that the government announced the drought hit areas.

There is no trace of betterment in situation in these two months as there were no heavy rains but, in the last week of September a little downpour was observed. Taking this into account the government reduced the drought hit areas assuming that the situation might have reversed with those few showers. The Chandrababu Government abridged the drought hit area list and quite barbarically tried to evade input subsidy and other benefits supposed to be given to the farmers.

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