Brutal Behaviour Right In The Presence Of The Police

  • Yellow leaders attack the municipal chairperson of Nagari
  • Santha Kumari faints after the assault
  • Shifted to Apollo Hospital of Chennai
  • Yellow goons assault in the presence of the police
  • Peddireddy slams TDP atrocities
  • Tirupati: The atrocities of TDP leaders in the state are increasing by the day. The yellow leaders are attacking YSRCP leaders with authority in their hands. With the support of TDP MLC Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu, TDP activists behaved like goons in Nagari of Chittoor district.  Municipal chairperson KJ Santha Kumari who was victim of their brutal assault and admitted in Ruia Hospital of Tirupati, had now been moved to Apollo Hospital in Chennai.
    While she was in Ruia Hospital, senior leader and MLA of YSRCP Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy visited and consoled her. He slammed the atrocities and the deliberate attacks of TDP Government. He condemned the incidents happening right in the presence of the police. He stated that the people would soon teach Chandrababu a lesson.
    Ward counselors Pushpa and Gowri were among the invitees for Ramzan Thofaa programme organised at the 23rd and the 24th wards of Nagari municipality, according to the protocol. Municipal chairperson Santha Kumari also was invited as a special guest. After a while, TDP MLS Gal;i Muddu Krishnama Naidu arrived at the event. He questioned the counselors and the chairperson why they had attended the TDP-specific programme. As they stated that they had attended as the event was happening in their wards, he forced them to leave. His followers and TDP activists Michael, Maruth Rajm Bala and Muni Krishnareddy showed atrocious behaviour.
    The counselors and the chairperson went to the police station to report against this. Then over 50 TDP activists reached the station and started arguing with the women in the SI Vikram's room. They assaulted the women and Santha Kumari's husband KJ Kumar right in front of the police. They kicked in their bellies with knees while verbally abusing them. Santha Kumari fainted at this act and her husband also was attacked.

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