The British Might Not Have Done It Like Babu

  • Inauguration planned
    before completion of construction
  • What is the use of
    this pomp and fair?
  • Is Amaravathi the capital
    of AP or of Singapore?
  • What happened to all
    the MoUs?
  • Babu has to leave
    foreign craze and govern the state properly: Srikanth Reddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA
Gadikota Srikanth Reddy exclaimed that it was surprising to see the TDP
Government’s excitement in the name of trains and buses to aid transport to the
capital city. He wondered why Chandrababu had suddenly awaken from his 2-year
long sleep. He spoke to the media at the party’s central office. He recollected
how Babu had publicized completion of river integration work in Pattiseema even
before the canal work was done. He stated that the not-yet-completed temporary
secretariat was being inaugurated again and again by Chandrababu and ministers
and again the 29th of July had been fixed as the auspicious day for
commencing it. He suggested Chandrababu to think back if this was all

On behalf of YSRCP, Srikanth Reddy condemned doing things at
will under the mask of power. He specified that the party was against handing
over the duty of Amaravathi’s construction to Singapore and expressed the party’s
concern towards the future of the state. He commented that the construction of
the capital should be in such a way that the common man could live with
content. He criticised that even the British who ruled India might not have
done occupations and atrocities like Chandrababu had done. He questioned if
Amaravathi was the capital of the state or of Singapore.

Srikanth Reddy condemned the conditions imposed by Singapore for
their commercial trade for 20 years and 5 additional years. He also mentioned
how this sort of information was being hidden from exposure by paying ten times
of the actual money.

are atrocious decisions

Srikanth Reddy called
Chandrababu’s decisions as atrocious. He reminded how Babu had announced the
arrival of lakhs of crores of rupees as investment into the state when he had organized
summit in Visakhapatnam, but records submitted to the assembly had mentioned
only Rs.10,000 crore. He also mentioned that Chandrababu had indicated arrival
of crores of rupees of investment from Japan, Daos and Singapore. He demanded
to know what had happened to all those MoUs. He also questioned about the
promised steel plant and revealed that the company was apparently in losses.

When the whole world
appreciated the treasure of engineering brains in India, Chandrababu was
running after other countries, Srikanth Reddy exclaimed. He stated that Babu
was moreover insulting them by saying Indian workers would build a capital that
would look like slum. He advised Babu to keep aside his craze for other
countries and build a capital suitable for the common man.


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