Break AP, make in Singapore: Vasireddy Padma

Hyderabad, Pooh-poohing the policies of TDP, YSR Congress has said they seem to be “break AP, make in Singapore” with the State heavily relying on the foreign nation ignoring local talent and belittling our nation.

“ At a time when Indians, more so people from our State, are the most sought after brilliance by top companies world over, Chandrababu Naidu giving even a simple assignment of drafting the plan for capital city to a Singapore firm is the indicator of what is in store,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Monday.

The same Chandrababu Naidu, who gave the letter and boasted that his Party was the first to vote for breaking the state into two, is now redefining the NDA slogan of “Make in India” by heavily depending on Singapore for all and sundry and insulting the national talent.

“Singapore has no name of being a world leader in infrastructure development but what makes the TDP government to go after that country leads to many doubts and the State should be transparent by placing all deals on public domain justifying its preference.

The Singapore minister had categorically said, it is not his government but private companies that are taking up the capital building exercise for Andhra Pradesh which makes the deal sound more shady and the need to give details becomes more imperative as the land has been acquired from reluctant farmers using various tactics including coercion,” she said.

TDP leaders are boasting that the deal of land pooling is over and farmers have voluntarily given their land for building of capital. Will any of the TDP leaders give up their land for the same deal? Or how many farmers have voluntarily given up their land?

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be touring two constituencies on March 3 to get answers to these questions and find out the situation at ground zero level and hear to the version of farmers who feel they were cheated, she said and dismissed the remarks of TDP that there was no need for the Leader of Opposition to take up the tour after the deal was closed.
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