This Is Breaching The Protocol

Tirupati: Finding fault in treating the leader of opposition, YS Jagan, as a common man and breaching the protocol by hindering him at the airport in Visakhapatnam, YSRCP MLA, RK Roja, exclaimed that CM Chandrababu had always disrespected the constitution. She opined that this act itself was a proof to speak about Chandrababu's experience. She cautioned that Chandrababu would have to pay the price for not being committed to the promise of special category status he had made to the people of AP.

Stating that political leaders would have the eagerness to do something good to people and particularly the leader of opposition would always have the people's welfare in mind, Roja mentioned that it was why YS Jagan had called for the peaceful candlelight rally in the first place. Proclaiming the importance of SCS, she slammed TDP ministers for talking low of people and their wishes.

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