Breach of oath by TDP cabinet

Hyderabad, March 4: Ridiculing N Chandrababu Naidu’s meek defence by remarking what is wrong in buying land for real estate purpose, YSR Congress has said he had compromised the position as Chief Minister and defied the oath of secrecy he has taken before assuming office with the information going out about the capital area as his cabinet colleagues and his coterie buying land in the peripheries depriving the lawful owners their share in the development process.

‘ While taking oath the Chief Minister and the ministers had sworn that they will not directly or indirectly communicate or revel to any person or persons any matter which shall be brought to their consideration or known to them as minister…but what happened in the capital are region was the person who headed the committee to identify the land along with others have purchased huge extent of land in the peripheries and majority of the area is assigned land,’ party senior leader Botsa Satyanrayana told reporters here on Friday.

We demand that all the assigned lands purchased in the surrounding area of the proposed capital should go back to the rightful owners and criminal action should be initiating for those who have bought the lands as assigned lands cannot be purchased, he said.

Chief Minister telling that that the rightful owners will get the compensation is not the question, how could people from far away regions come on to the region and buy them should be probed and criminal proceedings should be initiated, he said.

When there was an allegation against YSR in the Outer Ring Road (ORR) issue, he volunteered for an inquiry and in the same way, TDP Government should volunteer for a judicial probe into the land dealings and buying of land in large extent through benamis and pushing the dalits and adivasis outside the development orbit.

‘It is highly objectionable to note that Minister for Civic Affairs, Narayana who headed the committee to identify the land for proposed capital along with other TDP leaders buying land in the name of their kin, associates and employees as they had prior knowledge of the capital area.

This is a breach of oath on part of Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues which merit a judicial inquiry and the dalits and adivasis who were forced to give up their land for a pittance should get back the compensation, land and the buyers should be punished as per the existing laws,’ he said.

These lands were bought months before the announcement of the capital area and documentary evidence is available that land was purchased in the name of the staff of Minister Narayana, he said.  Brushing aside the argument that Sakshi Media house cannot publish such news as its assets are attached, he said, the same TDP has been telling that such restrictions will not apply for AgriGold.

As there was a breach of oath on part of TDP cabinet, we demand that a judicial inquiry should be ordered into the land dealings and those who have purchased assigned lands should be punished as per the laws.

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