Brazen Activities Of Babu's Government

Guntur: TDP's atrocious nature has surfaced again. Chandrababu's Government is going ahead unobstructed in demolishing temples, mosques and great leaders' statues. Before it can be forgotten how Mahatma Gandhi's statue was removed at Ibrahimpatnam of Krishna District and thrown in Budameru canal, another statue of Gandhiji has been demolished in Seethanagaram of Guntur district. It is noteworthy and more insulting to Gandhiji that the statue has been replaced by flex posters of Chandrababu.
Local people and officials are angered by the removal of the Mahatma's statue, citing it is in the way of pushkaram work. Due to YSRCP leaders' protest against removal of Gandhiji's statue at Ibrahimpatnam, it has been restored. People are cautioning that Babu's negligence towards the feelings of people, the opposition and the laws will face consequences soon.
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