A Book About Chandrababu's Corruption

New Delhi: YSR Congress Party has released a book with the details of corruption committed by Chandrababu in the past 2 years of his rule. The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president stated that the corruption of the two years amounted to Rs.1,34,295 crore. He is distributing the copies of the book published with the name 'Chandrababu- The Emperor of Corruption' to all the leaders of all national parties, central Government organisations and representatives of media in New Delhi.

The book has a mention of all the details of corruption practised by Chandrababu's Government in the last 2 years along with supporting documents and proofs. Copies of registered documents have also been enclosed. The stories of land mafia in the capital area and sand mafia have been narrated. The way other scams are being executed also has been described along with evidences to back the description.

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