Bluffed Farmers and DWCRA Women with Loan Waiver

Eluru: The YSRCP District President Kottapalli Subba Raidu fired
that besides cheating the Farmers and DWCRA Women by assuring Loan Waiver’s,
what else the Chief Minister Chandra Babu has done in his one year ruling. Against
the failures of the one year ruling of TDP Government the YSRCP protested at
the Collectorate. He said that it is of great surprise that the women insisted
for the protest against the government; it also makes it clear to what degree the
public is opposing the government.

 He also said that besides giving new jobs as
promised to the unemployed people he is terminating people from existing jobs.
He pointed out that the TDP leaders sank to a state where they barefacedly
advertised in newspapers to file cases on people moving in YSRCP. They are
trying to harm the people who made them win all the seats in the district with
the ‘Pattiseema Ettipotala Scheme’. He reminded that since one year not even
one bamboo basket of soil was shoveled in Polavaram Project. They were afraid
that if the project completes the credit goes to the Late Chief Minister
Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy. The ST Cell State President Bala Raju questioned that is
it not a failure that the oath taking day’s five signed projects were not
implemented till now? He said that the one year rule of TDP went with Sand
Mafia, False cases against YSRCP Leaders and Political killings. The Narsapuram
Parliamentary Constituency Convener Vanka Ravindra said that the state would
have got Tax Exemptions and subsidies if Special Status was declared. He
questioned why is TDP not putting pressure on BJP Government which promised
‘Special Status’ to the state.



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