Is Black Money…Babu Mania?

Corruption all over the State

Everything Singapore..!

The corruption of Chandrababu crossed the continents, heard throughout the world. This is said by none other than the State Planning Department and the ‘The Guardian’ newspaper. These two exposed that in Chandrababu’s rule corruption is at its heights. Not only corruption but negligence towards public issues as well.

This is Government’s efficiency..!

In the survey conducted by the State Planning Department, 75% of the people in Andhra Pradesh have expressed their opinion that day by day the corruption in all the Government departments is increasing. Not even one person said that corruption did not take place. Also the public pointed out that several public issues were unresolved due to the inefficiency of the Government. The public expressed severe dissatisfaction when asked for their opinion on twelve elemental public needs.

Not just Corruption, it is Chandrababu’s Corruption!

The Sunday Guardian magazine revealed several matters on the Black Money of the Indians, in which Chandrababu of AP is in top place. The magazine exposed that a Chief Minister of the combined state (Chandrababu) has bought a Hotel in Singapore. In the past the same matter was also exposed by Tehelka stating that Chandrababu has a Hotel in Singapore and also mentioned that he is the richest politician in the world. The suspicions of the people increased with the Singapore chanting Chandrababu is doing from the day he came into power.

To Preserve the Loot

The magazine mentioned that the money looted was preserved in Singapore which is now brought back to the country as investments. The people are gossiping Chandrababu’s relationship with Singapore. From Land acquisition for Capital construction, Government Schemes, Projects, Sand Mafia like this corruption is prevailing in everything Chandrababu does. The people were shocked to know that the money looted like this is sent to foreign countries. The public are criticizing that Chandrababu looted the money by hitting their stomachs preserving it in foreign countries; the public is questioning his bragging behavior delivering dialogues & speeches about development. The opposition party YSRCP is opposing the corruption from the beginning. Now, the people understood the corruptive rule of Chandrababu.

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