This is a Black Day in the System of Democracy

  • CM, ministers, speaker and MLAs are busy with rowdy politics
  • Why
    did they argue in the court when they said the house had the right to suspend?
  • People will teach TDP a lesson in the coming days – MLA Roja
Hyderabad:YSRCP MLA Roja remarked this she considered this as a black day in
the system of democracy. She mentioned that everybody respected the
constitution and the judicial system. She condemned Chandrababu’s Government
for ignoring the High Court orders and engaging assembly marshals to hold her
back from entering assembly. She questioned the ruling party why it had argued
in the court in spite of declaring that the house had the right to implement
suspension. She commented that she had been unjustly suspended.

Roja recollected how a drunken Ravela Suseel had abused a married woman in
broad daylight. Still his father minister Ravela Kishore Babu was not suspended
by Chandrababu. Roja questioned if Kishore Babu deserved to sit in the
assembly. TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar brutally beat MRO Vanajakshi, an SI
and a forest officer. Not even a rowdy sheet was prepared against him.
Chintamaneni also sat in the assembly in spite of proper evidence. TDP MLA Bode
Prasad and MLC Budda Venkanna performed unlawful sex racket, disgracing women.
Still they enjoyed sitting in the assembly, Roja complained.

MLA Bonda Uma’s son Siddharth hit and killed a person with his car yet no case
was filed against him. He escaped punishment with the help of Babu’s influence.
Bonda Uma was not suspended and above it, he degraded to a point where he made
unruly comments regarding judicial system. It was brought to the notice of the
assembly that TDP MLA Anitha had spanked her fellow teacher with a slipper. Still
all these people happily sat in the assembly, commented Roja. She suggested
that it was time people thought how safe they were under the rule of such

 She added that the CM, the ministers, the speaker and the MLAs
were being busy with rowdy politics and unethical politics. Roja exclaimed that
the TDP leaders who had actually engaged themselves in mistreating women were
now sitting in the house, while she was being hindered in spite of fighting
against women’s problems and this act was example of the arrogance of the
ruling party leaders. She criticized not suspending or disqualifying the 8
defected MLAsfor migrating to a new party after winning
from YSRCP using president YS Jagan’s face value and YSRCP’s agenda.

mentioned that court would be approached in case of any injustice and when the
courts issued any orders they had to be followed. But she commented that AP
assembly had a different style of breaching the judicial system. She informed
that she had submitted a copy of the court order to the assembly’s secretary
the previous day and received acknowledgement too. Still today Roja was stopped
by the assembly marshals. Roja remarked that this showed what kind of respect
they had for democracy. After having declared that the speaker had more powers
than a court, why the Government sent lawyers to argue in the court, questioned

criticized marshal chief Ganesh Babu for functioning as a TDP activist. She
mentioned that he had shown similar behaviour before too. She complained that
the marshals had dragged her out on the day of her suspension. After being in
critical situation for two hours, her party’s president YS Jagan and her fellow
MLAs came to know about her situation and joined her in hospital, she informed.
She complained that TDP warned the hospital to not admit her as inpatient. She
stated that the same Ganesh Babu held her back again today, in spite of her
being a respected people’s representative and of High Court’s clear orders.
Roja mentioned that the marshal had stated that the speaker and the assembly
secretary had ordered him to hold her back. Demand for the command in writing
was neglected, she added.

confided that the people would teach TDP a lesson in the coming days.


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