A Black Day In Democracy

Hyderabad: Chandrababu who had been bluffing everyone
about special category status for 2.5 years, had deceived people of the state
by welcoming special package announced by the centre, remarked woman MLAs of
YSRCP. They slammed the way they had been pushed away from the assembly for
asking for a discussion in the house on the matter of public interest. They
spoke to the media at the assembly’s media point to condemn the oppression of
the state’s rights by Chandrababu.

The matter of special
status sends shivers into Babu’s spine: Giddi Eshwari

“The matter of special category status sends shivers into Chandrababu’s
spine. He has mortgaged the status to the centre out of fear for having to face
inquiry on Cash for Vote case”, commented YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari. She remarked
it was ridiculous for the centre to announce special package in place of
special status and added that special package would benefit none other than Chandrababu’s
Government. She acclaimed YS Jagan as the only leader who had fought for the
cause with no care for his life. She confided that YSRCP would fight until the
status was achieved.

Babu has double
entendre: Uppuleti Kalpana

YSRCP MLA Uppuleti
Kalpana stated that it was atrocious of the Government to pose hindrances to
the discussion on special category status in the assembly. She commented that
Chandrababu had always had double entendre and partiality to support his
degraded politics. She slammed Chandrababu for bringing marshals into the
assembly as conspired earlier. He called it undemocratic for the marshals to
inhibit them from taking the voice of the people to the speaker. She mentioned
that it was shameful of Chandrababu to first proclaim that special category
status was to be sanctioned for 15 years and later to state the status was not
any wonder drug and welcome special package instead. Kalpana remarked that the
union and the state Governments had deceived the people of AP.

AP at loss due to
bifurcation: Gowru Charitha Reddy

“AP is already at loss
due to the irregular bifurcation of the united state. To compensate the loss
the PM and the opposition parties of that time announced that special category
status would be sanctioned to AP. But after getting into power the ruling parties
went back on their word. We demand that all the promises mentioned in the reorganization
act are realised. Otherwise, the union and the state Governments will have to
face the fury of the people of AP”, spoke YSRCP MLA Gowru Charitha Reddy.

Anti-democratic rule:

“We have staged protest
in a democratic and peaceful fashion at the speaker’s podium. The ruling party
has deliberately led the assembly marshals to attack us according to a
premeditated plan”, complained YSRCP MLA Kalavathi. Mentioning that YSRCP had
never behaved against democracy, she blamed TDP for oppressing the rights of
the opposition YSRCP. Kalavathi said it was atrocious of the marshals to
ill-treat the party’s MLAs irrespective of their gender. She called the day a
dark day in the democracy. She questioned the speaker how justified was it to
not provide access of microphone to the leader of opposition even for half
minute. She slammed the speaker for showing favouritism, dishonouring his

Assault as well as accusation
directed to us: Pushpa Srivani

MLA Pushpa Srivani
complained that they had to unjustly face the assault by assembly marshals as
well as accusation from ruling TDP. She explained that they were only trying to
bring pressure on the state Government to realise the hopes of the people of AP
but not troubling anybody. She specified that special category status was the
right of 5 crore people of AP and condemned assembly marshals’ ill-treating


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