Benefits of Special status

Question Babu by holding his collar

Knowingly why are you doing Babu?

Guntur: People flooded near the Diksha Podium while YS Jagan is addressing them. He criticized the way the central and state governments were reckless about the Special status and explained the benefits of Special status once again to public. If Special status is approved, 90% of funds granted will be released to the State. 10% will be considered as loan. If special status is not granted, fund will be 30% and loan will be 70% which has to be paid.

 Ask by holding the collar!

Similarly, embedded by law, crores of money has to be spent on irrigation projects, metro trains, Vizag-Chennai corridor. To fulfill this, we need to obtain loans from foreign countries. If the state has special status, these things are taken care by Centre. No need to pay the interest also. If we don’t have special status, we need to bring money from abroad, and also need to pay the interest on it. Knowing all these things, why Naidu is not keen on special status is what I am not going to understand, said Jagan. I don’t know if the Ministers and Legislators are aware of this. If so, why is Naidu not questioned by them holding his collar, mentioned Jagan.

 Status is very beneficial ..!

Industries will be highly subsidized in a state with special status. 100 percent exemption can be achieved on income tax, excise duty, transport costs.  Power will be provided for them at half price for 20 years. The commodity prices will fall to half of the original prices. Heavy industries will be happy to come to these states. With millions and billion of investment youth will get jobs. Then, every district will become Hyderabad, said Jagan. Babu will neither provide jobs nor give unemployment allowance. Jagan commented that, Babu is not even ready to fight with the Centre to get the Special status which can resolve the problem of unemployment.

 Don’t give lame excuses!

If special status is achieved, there is no chance for No Vacancy boards. There will be only

Wanted boards. It is absurd Naidu stating that Tamil Nadu and Orissa are not agreeing for the special status. He questioned Babu, Were these states not present when the state is divided? 14th Economic Council is not agreeing is what you say? The topic of Special status is under the National Development Council and Neeti Ayog in relation to the Central Cabinet. There the president heading these is the Prime Minister itself. Why is Babu bluffing people? Though he knew this decision is taken by the Central Cabinet, questioned Jagan.

 States that are benefited by Special Status!

2000 Industries come up in Uttarakhand state. So that, 490 per cent increase in employment opportunities is observed. The Himachal Pradesh State which is backward when compared to our State got 10 thousand industries on getting the special status. Then, having 5 crores of population, 972 km of coastline if Andhra Pradesh is given the special status it would be the elixir. Our children will get jobs only if the state gets special status. For that, I will fight on behalf of people, specified Jagan.

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