Benefits Of AP Mortgaged Out Of Political Selfishness

  • Babu's unresponsiveness to the state's loss
  • Babu's fear of loss of power to blame KCR
  • Journey abroad to save his loot
  • YS Jagan's strike to protect the rights of the state
  • We shall stop unlawful projects at any cost: YSRCP MLAs
Kurnool:  YSRCP MLA of Punganuru constituency, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy opined that Chandrababu was being silent towards the unlawful projects of Telangana with the fear of having to face consequences of having been caught in Note for Vote case. He spoke at the site of Jala Deeksha taken up by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan against the projects being constructed by Telangana Government. Being accused in Note for Vote case, Chandrababu was scared of speaking against KCR, remarked Peddireddy. He commented that Chandrababu had mortgaged the state to the centre and to the neighbouring state Telangana. He informed that YS Jagan had stepped forwarf in support of farmers to fight against the completion of Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi projects. He added that protests would happen for three days so that this agitation is taken to the notice of the centre.

YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy condemned Chandrababu's negligence in preventing the projects of Telangana that posed loss to the state of AP and his tours to countries like Singapore and Japan in order to save the money he had looted. He mentioned that YS Jagan had taken up Jala Deeksha in order to prevent the loss caused to the state by the construction of Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi projects. He spoke to the media at the site of YS Jagan's Jala Deeksha. Chevireddy reminded that Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had initiated Galeru-Nagari, Handri-Neeva and Velugonda projects for the people and completed 80% of the work. He complained that TDP was neglecting to complete the rest of the work and provide water to the people of the state. He slammed Chandrababu's Government for not even trying to stop Telangana from building its projects. He expressed his concern towards Telangana's attempts to stop water from reaching Rayalaseema by drawing 150 TMC of water through the projects. He explained that completion of those projects would mean the state's changing into a desert. He acclaimed YS Jagan for taking the responsibility of fighting against their completion.

MLA Rajannadora criticised Chandrababu for causing loss to the farmers in spite of coming to power with their support. He spoke at YS Jagan's Jala Deeksha camp. He complained that Chandrababu was bluffing people of the state with the name of rainwater harvesting pits instead of stopping Telangana Government from building water projects. He specified that YS Jagan had taken up Jala Deeksha in order to protest against the projects, as the completion of Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dind projects would cause severe loss to the state of AP. He promised to fight under the leadership of YS Jagan to protect the state's rights. Rajannadora cautioned to fight against the Governments to stand by the farmers and hinder the construction of the two projects.

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