Benefit Of AP Mortgaged To Neighbouring States

  • Babu’s indifference to
    AP’s transformation into a desert
  • Why is Babu silent
    about Telangana’s unlawful projects?
  • Babu’s joy trips
    leaving the people of the state to suffer
  • Shameless business
    with Heritage buttermilk 
  • Babu has to respond
    about the corruption stories exposed in Panama papers: Botsa

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana
criticized that Chandrababu Naidu was mortgaging the benefits of the state of
Andhra Pradesh to the neighbouring states for his selfish benefit. He expressed
his concern about the state being in danger of becoming a desert due to the
projects built by Telangana Government. He stated that there was no chance of
Krishna waters reaching Prakasam barrage from Sagar unless 880 ft. water was
present in Srisailam reservoir. He mentioned that the presence of good amount
of water in Srisailam was also important for Rayalaseema to get water. But if
Telangana Government pumps out all the water, AP would be at great loss, informed
Botsa, during a media conference at Visakhapatnam.

He questioned the
Government’s silence regarding this issue. He demanded action from it. He
commented that the Government was also acting indifferent towards Polavaram
project. In spite of the Central Government’s announcing Polavaram as a
national project and forming an authority, the state Government was pushing it
aside due to greed for money and corruption and was trying to direct everybody’s
attention to Pattiseema scheme instead, complained Botsa. He informed that if
Kaleswaram lift irrigation scheme was completed, downstream areas would get
less waters of Godavari. He confronted the Government to act on Polavaram project
for public benefit.

Due to Chandrababu’s
mortgaging the state’s benefits to the neighbouring states, the leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan was going to bring pressure on the
Government against the situation, announced Botsa. He specified that YSRCP
would fight for the water the state deserved. He mentioned that the party would
fight under the leadership of YS Jagan to achieve the benefits of the people.
He suggested that the TDP leaders had to question their conscience. He revealed
that agitation would be staged at all mandal headquarters on the 17th
of this month to raise awareness among the people. He called for the people of
the state to support YS Jagan’s strike.

Botsa reminded that
during the previous rule of Chandrababu, upstream states had constructed
projects like Almatti and Babli projects and now Telangana was building its
projects. He slammed Chandrababu for going on joy trips leaving the people of
the state to suffer. He stated that Chandrababu was behaving like no CM had
ever done before and cautioned that people were observing him. Botsa informed
that the PM was calling all the CMs to discuss drought. He suggested
Chandrababu to show commitment and talk about water disputes and alleviate the
problems of the state.

Botsa stated that it
was disgraceful of Chandrababu to make collectors write letters insisting on
buying Heritage buttermilk in spite of the presence of the Government’s Visakha
dairy in Visakhapatnam. He ridiculed that he had never seen such a shameless
Government. He mentioned that the name of the director of Heritage foods was
present in Panama papers and demanded that Chandrababu responded regarding
this. He cautioned Babu that he could no more escape.

Botsa commented that
the Government was indifferent towards the people’s needs. He mentioned that
the TDP leaders were all interested in corruption. He stated that the hospitals
in agency areas were not functioning properly. He complained that the pleas of
YSRCP MLAs over this to the minister had gone waste. He also demanded for water
provision to the city of Visakhapatnam without causing loss to the steel plant.
Botsa mentioned that Jala Deeksha was not a political event and it was a
sincere attempt to raise awareness about the impending loss to the downstream
areas if the upstream projects were completed. He criticized that TDP, on the
other hand, was trying to divert the people’s attention by talking about
rainwater harvesting pits.

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