Beating NTR With Slippers Shows TDP's Culture

  • TDP leaders have to
    keep their mouths controlled
  • Have they kept at
    least one of their promises in the last two years?
  • People are burdened
    with more and more problems
  • The state is being
  • Capital lands and even
    temple’s lands are being looted
  • Botsa Satyanarayana
    slams TDP Government

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana slammed the
TDP leaders for criticising the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS
Jagan for fighting on behalf of people in the direction of realizing the
promises made to them, instead of finding ways to rectify their mistakes. He
remarked that it was not fair to speak just because they had access to
microphone. Botsa commented that Chandrababu was to be credited for the attack
on NT Ramarao with slippers. He made it clear that YS Jagan was only reflecting
the thoughts and agony of common people.

Botsa mentioned that
TDP leaders were crossing limits in making statements. He questioned if it was
wrong to question about the unrealized promises made by them. He slammed them
for staying indifferent towards the upstream Telangana projects. He condemned
Chandrababu for mortgaging the state, having been caught in Note for Vote case.
He reminded that Babu’ name had been mentioned 23 times in the charge sheet.
Botsa cautioned that the people of the state would not forget Babu if he went
on doing corrupt activities, robbing people’s money and did not start keeping his
promises and start keeping up his ethics.

Botsa mentioned that they had always worked rectifying their
mistakes but had not bluffed like Chandrababu. He criticised release of GOs
with contradictory information. He commented that Chandrababu had no respect to
systems or to the people. He slammed Chandrababu for his trips abroad while the
people suffered from hunger and thirst. He remarked that Babu was letting the
state and the country down with his corrupt activities. He confronted making
people to pledge for a state free of corruption while himself being immersed in
corruption. He suggested TDP to go to rural areas see the situation.

Botsa questioned the attack made on NT Ramarao at Viceroy hotel
with slippers and added that such was the manners of TDP. Botsa slammed
Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s comments that YS Jagan’s mental condition was not all
right. He questioned the mental condition of the finance minister who had
announced that the GDP was high while the state’s treasure was reached the
bottom. He condemned the double entyendre exhibited by the minister and the

Botsa commented that Chandrababu was seeing everything in
business point of view. He was buying MLAs like cattle in a fair. Rajya Sabha
seats were being sold to those with money. All classes of the society including
the farmers, the women and the unemployed were being victim to his deception.
He had robbed capital area lands and assigned lands and evaded inquiry on it.
Moreover TDP leaders questioned what was wrong in buying the lands. Finally
temple’s properties also were being sold unlawfully. This also had escaped
inquiry. He was also robbing natural elements like sand and mud, complained

Botsa questioned Ashoka Gajapathi Raju’s moderation between
Lokesh and Apparao and Babu’s indifference to all these irregularities. He
ridiculed why action would be taken if the ruler himself was the culprit. He
mentioned TDP leaders themselves criticising Babu. He mentioned that people were judges in
democracy. He stated that the people would soon teach him a lesson, though he had
come to power bluffing them, unless he realised the promises made to them at
least now.

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