Bauxite mining illegal

Hyderabad: Taking strong objection to the GO no 97 issued by the TDP government, YSR Congress has said bauxite mining in tribal areas cannot be carried out without the consent of the locals and it is in gross violation of the existing rules and is  also unconstitutional.

‘TDP was very vociferous and has written a strongly worded letter to the Governor to intervene and stop the mining of bauxite in agency areas as it is in violation of Forest Act and Samataha Act but after coming to power has taken a U-turn and issued a GO allowing the State owned Mining Corporation to go ahead with the mining activity,’ party MLA Rajanna Dora told reporters here on Friday.

Unless, the panchayat has given its permission no mining activity can be taken up in the tribal areas. TDP government did not set up Tribal Advisory Board as yet which shows its indifference. No mining activity can be taken up in agency area, without a resolution in the panchayat and Tribal Advisory Board.

‘It is shameful that TDP did not constitute a Tribal Advisory Board and no activity can be taken up even by the State and Centre without the consent of the Board and panchayat which was the directive given in the Samatha Act.

TDP opposing the bauxite mining while in opposition and giving permission to AP Mineral Development Corporation after coming to power exposes its double standards. When the letter written by Chandrababu Naidu to the Governor was shown at a press meet by our party leaders, the letter was immediately withdrawn from the TDP website, he said.

We demand that the GO should be withdrawn and Tribal Advisory Board should be set up immediately and implement all the promises for tribal welfare which were included in the election manifesto,’ he said.
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