Babu's Trips To Delhi Are For Personal Benefit

  • Babu has to give up
    craze for publicity
  • Invitation to
    pushkarams, keeping special status aside
  • Special status should
    be fought for as per people’s wish: Gadikota Srikanth Reddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy criticised that Chandrababu
had been spending crores of rupees to settle legal cases on him, keeping aside
the matter of special status for the state. While everyone in the state was
believing that their lives would be made better with sanction of special
status, Chandrababu was going behind his own benefits, he complained. Instead
of bringing pressure on the centre regarding special status, he was going to
Delhi to invite the president and the Prime Minister for the pushkarams, he
remarked. He spoke to the media at the party’s central office in Lotus Pond of

Here is what he

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    Every student and every citizen from the state is wishing for special
    category status. They are hoping for betterment of their lives. At a time like
    this, TDP is supposed to make its stand clear, but it is continuing to pretend.
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    Babu has already gone
    to Delhi 22 times. This is the 23rd time. He is not going to Delhi
    for achieving special status. He is not enraged by Arun Jaitley like the rest
    of the people in the state. He is not planning to give ultimatum to the centre.
    It is unfortunate that Babu wants to invite the national leaders to pushkarams,
    in spite of all the pain the people are undergoing.
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    There is good majority
    in Lok Sabha. All the other parties are supporting sanction of special status.
    In this state, Chandrababu has to demand for special status. Instead he is
    hesitating to do that.
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    Festivals and rituals
    like pushkarams are celebrated any way. It is ridiculous of Babu to take credit
    for that. Pushkarams are important, but is this much of publicity needed?
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    With the intention of
    making a video for publicity during Godavari pushkarams, Chandrababu’s family
    spent 45 minutes for bathing and as a result, took 30 lives. He is still not regretting
  • ·       
    Before the victims’
    families could come out of the grief, he started publicity attempts for Krishna
  • ·       
    The Government has to
    state why Somayajulu committee had still not submitted the report on that
    fateful incident.
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    The collector’s report
    mentioned that the stampede was a result of Chandrababu’s family spending long
    time in the general pushkar ghat.
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    Babu has to give up
    his craze for publicity.
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    YSR earned a permanent
    place in people’s hearts through introducing schemes like 108, 104, fees
    reimbursement, Arogyasree and housing. It is ridiculous of Babu to boast about
    celebrating regular festivals instead of doing welfare programmes like YSR.
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    If he was a person who
    would respect tradition and culture, he would not demolish 40 temples in the
    first place. He has to release a white paper about why he had to get temples,
    churches and mosques demolished.
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    Sometimes Babu says
    special status is very important. Sometimes, he says it is not any wonder drug.
    Why does he not have a stand about it? He has to give up his double entendre.
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    His statements have
    caused the BJP Government to ignore giving special status.
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    Babu is going to Delhi
    repeatedly only to find settlement for the legal cases registered against him.
    He roars like a lion while in the state, but goes to Delhi to bow.
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    Babu commented that the
    opposition leader had no maturity. But he has to remember that YS Jagan could
    earn 67 MLA seats just by presenting the schemes and good deeds his father had
    introduced and done. Babu could surpass him only by 1% in spite of making
    impossible promises.
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    He has made it appear
    like his party is the Government. He is following undemocratic ways.
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    He is wasting crores
    of rupees of public money on his private flights.
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    He has to fight for
    special status as it is the wish of the people of the state. Instead, he mocks
    the opposition party whenever the leaders fight for it.
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    If special status is
    given, he does not have to go around other countries. Industrialists will come
    looking for AP. So it will be better if Babu shows commitment to it.

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