Babu’s ‘Note for Vote’ Politics in AP

  • Chandrababu used to
  • No reformation after
    being caught in Note for Vote case
  • Enticement to
    opposition MLAs for Rajya Sabha seat
  • Punishment on time
    would have saved this situation
  • Modi, a partner of

YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy
Sridhar Reddy

YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy
Sridhar Reddy remarked that Chandrababu had not reformed even after being
caught in Note for Vote case during MLC elections in Telangana. He commented
that Chandrababu was the live proof of the saying ‘Once a criminal; Always a

Unethical politics
with corrupt money

Kotamreddy slammed Chandrababu for attempting to repeat the episode of
Note for Vote again in AP in light of Rajyasabha elections, trying to buy
opposition MLAs. He explained that YSRCP would win Rajya Sabha seat with 36-member
strength while it already had 50. He questioned why Babu was nominating a
fourth member from his party.

Punishment in time
would have saved this

Kotamreddy opined that
Chandrababu would not have attempted to this illegal practice if he had been
punished when caught in Telangana for Note for Vote case. Kotamreddy revealed
that Chandrababu had been enticing each YSRCP MLA with Rs.40 crore for voting for
TDP in Rajya Sabha elections. He called it a brazen act.

How can you partner
with Babu?

questioned where Chandrababu had earned all this money from. He expressed
concern regarding a person of ethics like Narendra Modi for partnering with
Chandrababu in his illegal practices. He complained that Chandrababu had been
unethical by giving one seat to BJP. He demanded for the Prime Minister’s
intervention in Babu’s degraded politics.

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