Babu's Is A Government Of Scams, Not Of Schemes

  • Schemes to do scams
  • Swiss Challenge is an
    international level scam
  • Babu is selling AP to
  • We will see
    astonishing truths shortly
  • Buggana slams
    Chandrababu in press conference
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA and PAC
    chairman Buggana Rajendranath Reddy slammed TDP Government and called it a
    Government of scams and not schemes. Condemning Swiss Challenge system, he
    suggested it was not good to go against the court’s advice by manipulating the
    law. He specified that Chandrababu had altered Infrastructure Enabling Act-2001
    and was selling AP to Singapore.

    Changes in infrastructure authority

    Buggana expressed
    concern towards the amendments made to Infrastructure Enabling Act-2001. He
    exclaimed that the Government had gradually cut down the powers of the chief
    secretary who was the authority’s chairman. Along with that, authorities in R&B,
    finance, IT and other departments too had been cut short, he added. He said it
    was saddening that the Government paid no respect to the authority that was
    formed for estimating the possible hazards in advance, hastening work with the
    help of bankers and making private persons as partners. He complained against
    elimination of experts from the National Academy of Constructions.

    Singaporean companies are doing business with

    Singaporean companies
    that came into the picture of capital city construction would only do real
    estate business in the area, Buggana commented. Remarking that the city would
    take the shape of the famous cities of China, Japan and Singapore was only a
    hallucination, he wondered what the logic was behind giving AP Government a
    share of 42% and Singaporean companies a share of 58% when the whole
    expenditure was from AP. He reminded that AP was investing 1691 acres of land,
    Rs.3000 crore for infrastructure and Rs.5500 crore money, amounting to a total
    of Rs.15,000 crore, while the foreign companies invested only Rs.300 crore and
    stated that even a common man could understand some scam is underway. He
    remarked that only in TDP Government the laws were being amended while relevant
    cases were still in the court and predicted that people would soon see
    astonishing facts about Swiss challenge scam.

    Laws have been manipulated

    Buggana slammed the
    companies participating in Swiss Challenge for forming regulations without a
    thought about the outcome. He criticised that conspiracies were being plotted to
    give away thousands of crores of rupees to the Singaporean companies that
    invested only Rs.300 crore and added that he roots for Swiss Challenge were
    planted right on the day of Chandrababu’s swearing in. He revealed the
    communication that had happened between the state’s representatives and the
    Singaporean companies pertaining to the deal. Buggana commented that rules had
    been framed in such a way that the Government had no chance to even question the
    companies in case of any harm that happened to the 1700 acres of land collected
    from the farmers of the thousands of crores of rupees invested.

    Does being a foreign company give the right?

    Buggana questioned the
    Government about the changes made to Infrastructure Authority. Asking if being
    a foreign company gives eligibility to build project and not having the
    ability, he demanded explanation for going with Swiss Challenge against the
    High Court’s suggestion. He expressed fury regarding the amendments made to the
    regulations concerned with the bidding companies.

    Insult to our engineers

    Buggana slammed
    Chandrababu’s insulting Indian engineers and experts. Mentioning the comment
    that local engineers would build slums while foreign engineers would build
    excellent projects, he questioned how was it justifiable for a CM to pass such
    comments. He mentioned how cities in China and USA had drowned recently and opined
    that nobody was an exception to natural calamities. Condemning the way Babu had
    insulted Indian technicians, he recollected and criticised how an advocate
    general had once compared Indian engineers to donkeys and suggested that people
    in responsibly high positions should watch their speech. He stated that this
    kind of statements were unjust in light of the acclaim Indian technicians were
    garnering throughout the world.

    People are laughing at
    Babu’s rule

    Commenting that people
    were laughing at Chandrababu’s governance after their fury went down, Buggana
    stated that people were wondering when the promises mentioned in the manifestop
    had been implemented, after going through the Praja ballot during
    Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme. He remarked that people had already come
    to an understanding about Babu’s rule and bidding goodbye to it was the next
    step. About the assets declared by Chandrababu, Buggana commented that if the
    price mentioned in the submitted report was real and if the assets were to be
    sold for the same cost, anybody would buy them instantly giving some extra
    amount as well.

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