Babu’s Fake Love

  • No relevance between Babu’s words and actions
  • Fund allocation for BCs illustrate
  • Ex.Minister Dharmana slams Babu’s bogus

Hyderabad: Ex.minister and YSRCP senior leader
Dharmana Prasad Rao explained that the love showered by Chandrababu on backward
castes was fake. He stated that the welfare funds being spent by him
demonstrated this fact.

The birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma
Jyotirao Phule were conducted at YSRCP’s central office in Hyderabad. Later,
Dharmana spoke to the media. He acclaimed Phule to be the first person to fight
for the backward classes of Indian society. He stated that Phule had spoken for
the people of downtrodden castes. Particularly he put continuous efforts for
the education of those people, Dharmana praised.

He commented that CM Chandrababu Naidu’s
speech on the occasion of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule’s birth anniversary was a
gimmick of words. He explained that there was no relevance between what Babu
spoke and did. Dharmana revealed the account of fund allocation and expenditure
in the year of 2015-16 for weaker classes. Of the Rs.6,460 crore proudly announced,
only Rs.4,121 crore was released for expenditure. When it came to revised
release the amount came down to Rs.3,975. In reality the spent amount was
Rs.2,800-Rs3,000 crore, he stated. He mentioned that this example proved the
love Chandrababu had for backward classes.

Dharmana stated that TDP manifesto had
mentioned many welfare schemes for people of all castes. The handloom class
alone had been promised Rs.1000 crore of stabilization fund. But none of the
promises had come to implementation, complained Dharmana. He reminded that
fishermen’s families were also promised a lot of nice things in the manifesto,
but in reality the corporate organizations doing fish culture were being encouraged.
Dharmana illustrated Chandrababu’s commitment towards backward castes with
examples like these.

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