Babu’s decisions will haunt TDP

  • We will fight against the miserable rule of the Government.
  • Decoying has become Babu’s routine.
  • Defected MLAs will have to quit politics.
  • Corrupt money is being used as lure.
  • Chevireddy condemns Babu and defect MLAs
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy criticized Chandrababu’s deceitful politics. He declared that they would fight against Babu’s anti-public rule and miserable decisions. He recollected how Babu spoke against NTR when in Congress and later joined his father-in-law’s party. Then he decoyed TDP MLAs and backstabbed NTR. He commented that luring MLAs had become a routine for Babu. He commented that Babu had degraded to a level where he resorted to entice sarpachs, MPTCs and ZPTCs too.

    Chevireddy proclaimed that Chandrababu had been plotting conspiracies only to cover up the resistance faced from the public. He mocked Babu by saying that nature was his principal enemy hence natural calamities would occur wherever he was present. He explained that Babu had been using for luring MLAs the thousands of crores of rupees that he had collected through sand, Pattiseema , liquor and state capital mafias. Chevireddy predicted that the MLAs who had unethically switched from YSRCP to TDP would regret their decision when they had to refrain from politics. He added that TDP would never honour its MLAs and the newly shifted MLAs would only be treated as body guards of Babu.

     Chevireddy questioned Babu for ignoring the promises mentioned in his manifesto, addresses, TV interviews, posters and pamphlets distributed before elections. He specified that YSRCP would pass No Confidence Motion against the Government’s and the speaker’s failure. He stated that whip would be issued for defected MLAs. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy challenged TDP leaders to fight against them in the elections. He went on to comment that Chandrababu’s own decisions would haunt him and foretold that his life would collapse one day.

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