Babu’s Brazen Statements About Special Status

  • Indifference towards
    AP’s pitiful situation
  • White paper should be
    released about Kapu funds
  • Babu has to make his
    new MLAs resign
  • TDP’s miserable
    failure in administration: Botsa

YSRCP’s senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana slammed Chandrababu for stating that
the state had nothing to benefit from special status and uttering discouraging
words like what we could do if the centre did not sanction the status, being in
the responsible position of a CM. he reminded of the impending danger of
drought for the state of AP if Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi projects launched
by Telangana Government were completed. Botsa proclaimed that YSRCP had been
performing its duty as the opposition party perfectly. He explained that TDP
might have failed as the ruling party of the state but YSRCP had not failed as the
opposition party. He spoke during the media conference arranged at the party’s
central office in Hyderabad.

What is GO 16?

The GO 16 released by Babu would clearly reveal his selfish
intentions. He ridiculed Babu’s stating that certain people were trying to
create disparities among castes. He mentioned that Chandrababu had no
commitment towards the Kapu community. Botsa reminded that Chandraabu had sworn
in on the 8th of June and Mudaragada Padmanabham had written to him
on the 21st of August and Babu had even since neglected the issue of
Kapus. Manjunatha commission had been appointed in January and time limit to
finalise the issue had been set as 7 months, among which 4 were already
completed with no improvement seen. Botsa remarked that Babu had no right to
talk about Kapu community.

He revealed that Rs.67 crore had been spent last year from the
allocated Rs.100 crore. This year, Rs.1000 crore had been released but not even
Rs.100 crore had been spent. He challenged Chandrababu to release a white paper
about the funds allocated and spent for the Kapu community. He commented that
Babu knew nothing but boasting and deception. He mentioned that it was usual to
name a caste-specific building after a famous personality from the same caste
but Babu had shamelessly got the Kapu building named after himself, thereby
insulting the caste. He suggested Babu to
stop such atrocities at least now.

What has he spoken to the PM?

Botsa reminded that even the Supreme Court had suggested to take
steps in order to face the problem of drought. He informed that YSRCP had demanded
Chandrababu to discuss the state’s special status, drought situation, water
disputes, unemployment and Telangana’s unlawful projects when he met the PM on
the 17th of this month. Still due to lack of commitment, Chandrababu
had confined himself to making statements like the special status would offer
no additional benefit to the state, revealed Botsa.

Democracy prevails irrespective of parties

Botsa explained that political parties may or may not be there
but the Government and the democracy would prevail. He slammed Babu’s giving up
on special status being in the responsible position of a Chief Minister. He
criticised Babu himself was denying sanction of special status. He condemned
Babu’s indifference towards the problems of drought, unemployment and scarcity
of drinking and irrigation water in the state. He commented that everything
Chandrababu did had some selfish intention behind it but not something for the
people’s wellbeing. Botsa also remarked that Babu might soon introduce Heritage
buttermilk, Heritage salt and Heritage pickles to the state.

The state has been mortgaged

Botsa demanded Chandrababu to announce his clear intention
regarding Telangana projects failing which he cautioned that YSRCP would
perform a fight on behalf of people. He complained that Babu had mortgaged the
state for his own benefits. He proclaimed that neither TDP gained anything nor
did YSRCP lose anything due to party defection. He dared Babu to make at least
one of those MLAs resign and seek fresh mandate. He questioned why CBI inquiry
had not been done even after the capital land mafia and Agrigold controversy
were exposed along with proofs.

Care should be taken about Cyclone Roanu

Botsa suggested proper should be taken in light of the
predictions about the severity of Roanu cyclone. He insisted that the
Government took proper measures instead of confining to video conferences and
advertisements, keeping in view the experiences from the past. He requested for
protection of lives and assets by working sincerely without political greed.

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