Babu Is In The Way Of Special Status

It is not right to ask what has been achieved by the states with special status
The benefits of the state have been mortgaged to the centre
Incompetent Government unable to prevent unlawful projects
If you cannot do it, support our struggle
The clouds have fled upon seeing Babu: YSRCP leader Parthasarathy

Hyderabad: YSRCP senior leader Kolusu Parthasarathy opined that Chandrababu was hindering AP state from getting special status. While the whole state was hoping for the sanction of special status for improvement of employment opportunities and development to happen, Chandrababu stands untouched by the whole issue. Parthasarathy spoke to the media at the party’s central office in Hyderabad. He blamed Chandrababu’s letter to the centre for being responsible for the bifurcation of the state. He reminded that Chandrababu had demanded for 15 years of special status at the time of bifurcation and at the time of elections, as two years would be taken only for set up of industries giving no time for development in 3 years in case 5 years’ status was given. But after coming to power, he had spent two years bluffing people and now he had started to question what the ten states with special status had achieved after all.

Earlier, it was told that the 14th finance commission had not agreed and later the blame was put on NITI Ayog, complained Parthsarathy. He mentioned that the parliament, the Prime Minister and the cabinet ministers played a key role in the democracy. He stated that it seemed like Chandrababu had been placing obstacle for the sanction of special status. He ridiculed Babu by saying that if he was during pre-independence era, Chandrababu might have said that there was no need for independence as the British were developing the country already. He demanded to know from Babu if we were in competition with states like Maharashtra and Gujarat or the seven sisters.

Why are you not confronting the centre?

Parthasarathy questioned why CM Chandrababu Naidu was not confronting the centre about the promises mentioned in the bifurcation law. He slammed Chandrababu’s stating that the centre would not sanction funds for the construction of Polavaram project and Amaravathi if friendly relation was not maintained, mentioning that this sort of situation would not have place in a democratic country. He questioned why the centre would neglect one state while it was part of the whole country. He reminded that Polavaram, Amaravthi and portion of water were all rights of the people of AP. He suggested that an all party team was taken to Delhi for getting the bifurcation-time promises realised by bringing pressure on the centre.

If you want to give up...
Parthasarathy suggested that TDP could support YSRCP's struggle in case it gave up on fighting for special status. He criticised that Chandrababu had been behaving as the presidentof TDP but not as the CM of the state. He added that Babu had ignored rule and been concentrating on benefiting his coterie.  He commented that Chandrababu might have convinced the centre by now if he had commutment towards the development of the state. He slammed Babu for not asking the PM for special status at least once.

Passtime with mud and sand

Parthasarathy commented that Chandrababu was spending his time selling sand, mud and cow dung while KCR was trying to draw 120 TMC of water from River Krishna in Mehboobnagar through unlawful projects. He stated that Krishna delta was becoming a desert due to an incompetent irrigation minister.

The clouds have fled seeing him

Parthasarathy ridiculed Chandrababu by saying that clouds also fled upon seeing him, mocking Chandrababu's earlier statement that cyclone had fled. He added that Chandrababu attracted drought. He complained that Babu was occupied with video conferences and review meetings rather than solving people's problems at basic level. He cautioned the Government to function properly at least now to escape people from teaching them a lesson.

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