Babu Should Realise His Duties


: MLA Mustafa remarked that Chandrababu should realise that he was the CM to not only the TDP ministers but also to the whole state. Slamming the CM for oppressing the rights of opposition party MLAs by forming Janmabhoomi Committees, he questioned how it would be 'Janmabhoomi' programme if it was done with TDP leaders.
Mustafa condemned Babu for allocating constituency development funds to TDP leaders in the name of Janmabhoomi Committees and not to opposition party MLAs of the respective constituencies. Complaining that many poor people in his constituency were suffering as their pensions had not been sanctioned and good quality houses had not been built for them, the MLA stated that no development had been done in the past 2.5 years by TDP leaders.
Mentioning how Chandrababu had imposed restrictions on the eligibility for pakka houses, he condemned the way the people with phone, auto and bike were made ineligible for sanction of pakka houses.

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