Babu Is Not Bothered About The Poor

  • Other areas are being neglected and Amaravthi is being given sole importance
  • Rs.50 crore should be immediately sanctioned for development of Uravakonda
  • Visweswar Reddy's Maha Dharna along with local people
Ananthapuram (Uravakonda): YSRCP's MLA of Uravakonda, Visweswar Reddy, complained that TDP Government was not bothered about the problems of the poor. He commented that Chandrababu was concentrating only on Amaravathi and neglecting other areas. He demanded that Rs,50 crore should be immediately sanctioned for the development of Uravakonda, holding a Maha Dharna. Here is what he spoke on the occasion.
  • We are going to every doorstep upon the instructions of YSRCP president YS Jagan. There are many sad situations in Uravakonda.
  • People are drinking polluted water due to lack of drinking water.
  • Waste water is accumulating in many houses due to lack of proper drainage system.
  • Handloom workers are in a terrible situation. Loans have not been waived. Subsidies also have been cancelled by Chandrababu.
  • Former CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy gathered 89 acres of land for the sake of handloom workers in Uravakonda.
  • In spite of such a wide area in hand, weeds and thorny plants are growing in that area. Site for houses is not being distributed to them.
  • People are at disgust with Chandrababu's rule after bearing with it for 2 years.
  • YSRCP has held deekshas for 30 hours in protest against the local problems. Still there is no response from the Government.
  • Public toilets have been demolished. New ones have not been sanctioned. People are at dilemma.
  • CM, collector and officials, everyone has been informed about the problems, but nobody responded.
  • Chandrababu is going around Japan, Singapore and China, but not caring about people in the state.
  • The people are asking the Government to just sanction the already-existing lands It will not cost the Government anything.
  • Houses to live in and water to drink are minimum needs, the people are not asking for any luxuries.
  • The Government has to understand the intention and problems of people who are sitting for the deeksha in spite of rain.
  • We shall fight till our problems are solved.
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