Babu Must Stop Confusing People

  • AP's GDP growth is only 5%
  • Babu's deception with false numbers
  • We shall explain Babu's deception to the PM
  • Three sectors at stake due to Babu's governance
  • Botsa slams Chandrababu
Visakhapatnam: YSRCP's senior leader, Botsa Satyanarayana, criticised that Chandrababu was deceiving the people of the state by showing false numbers and using financial terminology intelligible to them. Calling it shameful to publicise that AP had surpassed the centre in achieving GDP rate's growth, he spoke to the media at Visakhapatnam. Declaring readiness on behalf of YSRCP to prove that the numbers shown by Chandrababu were false, he stated that they would let the PM know about the wizard of fake accounts.

In light of Babu's bragging about being behind the decision of demonetisation, Botsa demanded that he should take responsibility for the hardship caused by that decision. He explained that cultivation had come down from 14 lakh hectares area to 9.5 lakh hectares in the past one year and added that the decline had been gradual since Babu came to power. He slammed Babu for wasting time by talking about integration of rivers and Pattiseema, whi,e the state was getting engulfed by drought.

Three principal sectors at stake
Botsa mentioned that three principal sectors of the economy had collapsed due to demonetistaion, construction, industries and manufacturing. He added that being dependent on construction sector, cement, sand, hardware, iron, civil engineers and labourers had collapsed and the families chad come on to the road, remarked Botsa. He questioned if Babu had succeeded to bring at least one industry to the state since he had become the CM. He commented that Babu had roamed around countries like Singapore, China, Japan, Dubai and Malaysia, but could nothing back to the state except a few photographs from the tourism. Botsa wondered how the GDP had grown when all the sectors had collapsed.

0% development but 100% corruption
Remarking that three years of Chandrababu had only brought about improvement in corruption but not development of the state, Botsa commented that only Babu, his family, friends, ministers, MLAs and members of Janmabhoomi Committees had benefited from his governance. He also criticised that Babu, who always claimed to be a senior CM, had failed in keeping up safety and security in the state, citing the harassment faced by TDP's own ZPTC from the party's minister Ravela Kishore Babu and lack of action taken despite her announcement that her life was threatened by the minister.
Mentioning that corruption was at full momentum around Amaravathi area, Botsa stated that seeds, ghee, pepper powder, nothing was being spared from it. He also slammed Babu for encouraging violence in politics.

Oh, is this what you meant, Babu?
Botsa ridiculed Chandrababu by asking if availing ourselves of the crisis could be exemplified by selling Heritage company to Future group. Calling the act a betrayal, he slammed the publicity Babu had been craving for through repeated press meets and scolding officials in meetings. He advised Chandrababu to give up his publicity craze and start working on solving people's problems.

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