Babu Is Looting The Poor To Feed The Rich

  • Swiss challenge system
    is faulty
  • Swiss challenge has to
    be withdrawn immediately
  • Babu has disregarded court orders
  • He is pulling farmers
    and labourers on to the road
  • Why is the centre

Vijayawada: Chandrababu’s
atrocities in the state are growing by the day, mentioned YSRCP trade union
president Gowtham Reddy. He slammed Babu for continuing with Swiss challenge,
disregarding laws and court orders. He commented that Babu had been looting the
poor to feed the rich. He spoke during a media conference held at Hyderabad.

Here is what he

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    Babu is disregarding
    political parties, religious heads, people, laws and court orders.
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    Kelkar committee
    appointed by the centre concluded that Swiss challenge system was faulty.
    Supreme Court also suggested the same.
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    Supreme Court also
    stated that transparency should be maintained and secrecy was not allowed at
    any chance.
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    But Babu went against
    regulations and resorted to go with his usual anti-people ways.
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    Babu has to reveal the
    secret behind running after Singapore and China all the time.
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    He is not calling for
    any tenders but instead is going abroad and making deals in secret.
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    Babu’s benami assets
    are all in Singapore. Swiss challenge is intended to multiply them.
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    Giving away Indian
    land to foreign countries is not allowable. It should follow regulations. But
    Babu is not caring for it.
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    It is unjust to offer
    42% to CRDA and 58% to foreign companies.
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    Does the centre have awareness
    about and control over the activities going on in the state?
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    Why is the centre not
    taking any action in spite of all the atrocities going on here? We are left to
    suspect the centre’s involvement in this.
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    The central committee
    itself spoke against Swiss challenge.
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    Singapore’s companies
    are being allowed to intervene in order to loot people’s money.
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    YSRCP is strictly
    against Swiss challenge. It should be immediately withdrawn.
  • ·        
    Indian companies also
    should be invited. The Government should responsibly be transparent as per the
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    Lakhs of farmers and labourers are being pulled on to the road.

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