Babu Just Speaks, Doesn't Act

YSR Kadapa: MLAs and MPs of YSRCP remarked that all Chandrababu said were lies. They criticised Chandrababu for not providing water to YSR district. District leaders opined that Rayalaseema area would be developed if YS Jagan became the CM.

Mithun Reddy (MP of Rajampeta)
YSRCP MP of Rajampeta, Mithun Reddy, commented that Chandrababu was bluffing about his intention of solution of drought with rain guns. He questioned how rain guns would save the day when Rayalaseema had did not even have water. He demanded that Babu immediately issued crop insurance and input subsidy for 2014-15. He suggested that the farmers' loans should be waived and Handri-Neeva, Galeru-Nagari, Penuganga projects should be completed. He opined that Rayalaseema would be developed only if YS Jagan became the CM.

YS Avinash Reddy (MP of YSR Kadapa)
The state of AP would not have been bifurcated and YSR district would not have suffered so much if YSR had been alive, stated YSRCP MP YS Avinash Reddy. He added that no farmer would have been in sorrow if he had still been there. He mentioned how the head regulator of Pothireddypadu had been extended from 11,000 cusecs to 44,000 cusecs. He ridiculed Chandrababu, who boasted about providing 27 hours of free electricity a day.

Ravindranath Reddy (MLA of Kamalapuram)
YSRCP MLA Ravindranath Reddy questioned Chandrababu what had happened to the promise about providing 12 TMC of water to Telugu Ganga and Brahmasagar. He blamed the central and the state Governments for violating their promises. He recollected the fake promise made by Ganta Srinivas regarding provision of irrigation water to 90 acres from KC canal and mentioned that the farmers who had believed him suffered later.

Amzad Basha (MLA of YSR Kadapa)
The Maha Dharna was intended to confront the Government about the injustice happening towards Rayalaseema area and especially YSR district, specified YSRCP MLA of Kadapa, Amzad Basha. He criticised that the state Government was not treating all areas equally and was neglecting Rayalaseema. The CM being a person from Rayalaseema, was deliberately ignoring its well-being. he complained. He stated that they would fight until YSR district was sanctioned the steel industry promised earlier. He recollected YSR's mockery that Chandrababu's head would be broken into 1000 pieces if he uttered the truth (contrary to the statement in the famous Vikram-Bhetal stories) and opined that YSR had rightly said that owing to Chandrababu's habit of lying.
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