Babu Invented Political Corruption

  •  Babu is nurturing
  • Seats are being given
    to those with money
  • Whatever happens in
    the state is being applied to the leader of opposition
  • YS Jagan deserves a
    public apology
  • YSRCP senior leader
    Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy

Vijayawada: YSRCP’s senior
leader and MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy complained that Chandrababu had
been nurturing corruption in the state. Commenting that Chandrababu and his
coterie were robbing the state in the name of capital city construction by
robbing people’s lands, he remarked that nothing had been done in the one year after
groundbreaking at the capital area when PM Narendra Modi had contributed water
and soil. He ridiculed that the area was filled with weeds.

He called it unjust to approve estimate with 77% excess without calling
for tenders from Purushottam Patnam. He exclaimed that nowhere else in India
was there corruption as much as here.

Peddireddy reminded that 1.6 lakh acres of Krishna Delta had not been
provided with water yet. He recollected how YSR had been mocked by TDP leaders
regarding digging canals without constructing projects and mentioned that the
same right canal was now helping to irrigate crops from Pattiseema. He stated
that GO no.100 had been released recently for release of water through left
canal. Estimate for this had been mentioned as Rs.958 crore earlier and
departmental permissions had been taken and now it had been raised by 77% to
reach Rs.1638 crore, Peddireddy mentioned. He confronted the release of GO in
light of this.

He ridiculed that nothing had been done in the capital except hastily
bringing employees to the temporary capital. He criticised Chandrababu for
giving away projects to Singaporean companies in sealed covers in spite of the
court’s finding fault in Swiss Challenge system. He questioned why the valuable
1691 acres of seed capital lands should be given in the hands of Singaporean

Peddireddy slammed Chandrababu’s ignoring and insulting the talent of
Indian engineers. He spoke against the real estate business intended to be done
by Chandrababu and his coterie with capital area lands. He remarked that
Chandrababu lacked commitment towards the construction of the state capital.

Peddireddy commented that Babu had run away to Viayawada out of fear of
imprisonment in Cash for Vote case, in spite of having a chance to stay in
Hyderabad for ten more years. He condemned Chandrababu’s blaming YS Jagan for
everything that happened in the state. He questioned from which source TDP
leaders had gotten the information about black money. He challenged Babu to
give out the details of the source of information if he dared. He demanded
public apology from them to YS Jagan.

Peddireddy opined that Chandrababu was proposing cancellation of Rs.500
and Rs.1000 notes in order to facilitate his robbery in the form of dollars and
other international currency. He remarked that there was no presence of money
in the TDP founded by NTR and added that Chandrababu was the person who
introduced the system of distributing money in exchange for votes. He reminded
how Chandrababu had been caught red-handed. He complained that Chandrababu was
offering Rajya Sabha seat to only those who could offer him money and
recollected how nobody had claimed the Rs.2 crore money found in Siddhartha

Peddireddy questioned if TG Venkatesh and Sujana Chowdary had done any
service, adding that they could become MPs only through use of money. He blamed
Babu for inventing political corruption and making false allegations against YS
Jagan in turn.

He questioned why tenure of officers was being extended by 6 months in
light of upcoming municipality elections in 11 municipalities. He opined that
this itself would prove how uncertain Chandrababu was about his probable
victory in these elections. Complaining that TDP had deceived people by not
keeping its poll promises, he demanded that the law should take action against
corrupt leaders.

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