Babu Is Insulting The Kapu Community

  • Change of tone after elections
  • What has happened to promises made to Kapus?
  • Naming Kapu buildings after Babu?!
  • YSRCP official spokesman Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesman Ambati Rambabu proclaimed
that naming Kapu building after Chandrababu is a huge insult to the whole
community. While there are many great leaders born in that community, how could
Babu name it after himself, he questioned. He complained that TDP was
announcing to be performing developmental activities in the state only to bluff
people. He reminded the promises made to the community prior to elections including
joining it in BC category and sanctioning Rs.5000 crore for its welfare. He
mentioned that these promises had encouraged the people of the community to
vote for Babu but now he had totally forgotten about them. He spoke in a media
conference at the party’s central office in Hyderabad.

Government schemes or Babu’s schemes?

Ambati ridiculed naming the schemes even before they were begun
giving examples of Chandranna swayam upadhi pathakam, Chandranna videsi vidya
deevena, Chandranna vidyonnati, Chandranna kapu bhavanalu, Chandranna upakara
vethanalu, Chandranna bhusara pareekshalu, Chandranna sankranthi kanuka,
Chandranna beema and Chandranna haamee. He condemned Chandrababu’s obsession
with naming the schemes after himself but not putting any of them to practice.
He mentioned that none of the former chief ministers including Dr.YS Rajasekhar
Reddy wanted to name their schemes after themselves. He reminded that Dr.YSR
had introduced a number of schemes like Arogya Shree, Indiramma illu, 108 and
pension schemes but had never named a scheme after himself.

Why Babu when there are many more great persons?

With so many famous people from Kapu community like Kodi Rammurthy
Naidu, a prominent wrestler, Kannaganti Hanumanthu, a famous freedom fighter,
SV Rangarao, a self-made prominent film actor, CK Nayudu, the first captain of
Indian cricket team, great actress Savitri and Vangaveeti Mohana Rangarao being
there, naming Kapu buildings after Chandrababu would be an insult to the whole
community, exclaimed Ambati.

He revealed that Chandrababu had spent nothing for the community
in 2014-15. Out of the promised Rs.96 crore in 2015-16, only Rs.70 crore had
been spent. There had been no update about the promises made to the community,
he stated. He mentioned that manjunatha commission had been appointed on January
18, 2016 on the issue of joining Kapu community in the BC category based on the
letter written by Mudaragada Padmanabham on the 21st of August but
there had been no sign of any work done by the committee yet. He blamed Babu
for not forming Kapu corporations and not adding Kapus to BC category. He
credited the formation of the committee to Mudragada Padmanabham and added that
Chandrababu otherwise had no commitment towards the community or the promises
made to it. Ambati remarked that not even Rs.100 crore had been spent out of
the promised Rs.5000 crore. He demanded a white paper from Babu about the
expenditure on the community. He proclaimed that Kapus had been demanding for
the promises made to them and not expecting alms.

Don’t practice selfish politics

Ambati questioned how the funds donated by Kapu community could
be given away as Government funds. He suggested Babu to realise that Kapus
themselves had built the Kapu function hall in Srisailam. He asked Babu not to
practice selfish politics insulting the community. He revealed that Babu had
promised Rs.1 lakh loans and Rs.1 lakh subsidy to Kapus prior to elections but
now brought the amount down to Rs.50,000, from which Rs.25,000 was subsidy and
Rs.25,000 had to be paid to banks.

Resign before you speak, Bhuma

Ambati demanded income limit of BCs to be raised to Rs.2.5 lakh.
He explained that they were facing hard time going around banks for Rs. 50,000.
He dared Bhuma Nagireddy to resign. He complained that TDP leaders were
focusing on criticising YS Jagan for whatever he did. He slammed them for passing
unfair comments against YS Jagan for staging hunger strike for the benefit of
the state.

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