Babu Has To Come Out Of His 5-Star Hotel

  • Special flights, 5-star hotels and Babu's luxuries
  • Misuse of public money
  • TDP leaders' robbery in the name of Mahanadu
  • This is Money Mahanadu, not Mini Mahanadu
  • Ambati Rambabu slams TDP Government

Hyderabad: Official spokesperson of YSRCP, Ambati Rambabu complained that Chandrababu had been misusing public money for his own luxuries, special flights and 5-star hotel stays, while the state suffered from financial crisis. He remarked that Chandrababu had been exploiting the trust bestowed by the people of the state on him for the development of the state post-bifurcation by ignoring the promises he had made to them. He demanded that Chandrababu immediately left the 5-star hotel in which he stayed. He spoke during the media conference arranged at the party's central office in Hyderabad.

Ambati Rambabu criticised that TDP leaders simply looted the state in the name of Mini Mahanadus. He complained that everything including sand and mud was subject of loot for Chandrababu. He mentioned that the owners of liquor shops around the state sponsored for the Mini Mahanadu. He commented that it was Money mahanadu and not Mini Mahanadu. Ambati remarked that everybody had expected the development and the performance of the Government in the the last 2 years in the area of keeping its promises to be the agenda of Mahanadu but the Government had pushed everything aside with the whole agenda of blaming the opposition party and its president YS Jagan.

Ambati stated that it was ridiculous of CM Chandrababu to talk about discipline while disputes took place between the TDP leaders and the newly migrated MLAs in the Mahanadu. He mocked TDP by saying its discipline was well known to everybody. He questioned if discipline meant snatching MLAs from opposition parties. He suggested that Babu first learnt discipline instead of preaching to others. Ambati remarked that it was shameful of TDP to be unable to introduce any new welfare schemes over not realising any of the already made promises. He commented that TDP had looted a lot of public money for the past 2 years in the name of projects and in sand mafia and now it had resorted to snatch money from businesspeople in the name of Mini mahanadu, which was in fact, of no use to the people of the state.

Ambati condemned the comments made by Kala Venkat Rao comparing YS Jagan with King Nero and added that it would be clearly evident who King Nero was if carefully thought into. He mentioned that Chandrababu had demolished his house in Jubilee Hills and shifted to his farmhouse in Madinaguda. There he spent Rs.2 crore for renovation. He also quit that house and shifted to a 5 star hotel. Ambati questioned if YS Jagan was King Nero or Chandrababu who was spending crores of rupees of public money for his luxuries. He slammed Babu for staying in 5 star hotels while the state was suffering from financial deficit. He also mentioned his foreign trips on special flights and huge expenditures for renovation of illegally constructed houses.

Ambati remarked that Chandrababu was more keen on misusing public funds rather than making good use of them for the development of the state. He stated that Babu was more concerned about the wellbeing of his own family than that of the people of the state. He reminded how NTR had lived in a small cottage and stood as an ideal for the people.
Ambati confronted Chandrababu about passing GO for naming Kapu buildings and welfare schemes after himself and pretending not to have. He demanded resignation from Babu in such a case.

Ambati commented that Chandrababu finally applied political mark to intellectuals and spiritual figures too, citing the blame TDP had put on YS Jagan when Mudragada Padmanabham and Swamy Swarupananda had demanded for realisation of promises made to the people. He criticised that Chandrababu was trying to create disparities among Kapus by blaming Mudragada.

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