Babu Has To Be Credited For Making AP No.1 In Corruption

Visakhapatnam: The official spokesperson of YSRCP, Koyya Prasad Reddy criticized that TDP Government was completely immersed in corruption. He complained that the Chief Minister, his son, ministers, MLAs and MPs of TDP were robbing the state in many ways like the sand mafia, the liquor mafia and the land mafia. He stated that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had uncovered the corruption story of Chandrababu in Delhi.

Prasad Reddy mentioned that Lokesh was behind every scam with the backdrop of Visakhapatnam. He remarked that it was ridiculous to hear Lokesh challenging for discussion. He opined that Lokesh was not qualified enough to make such challenges.
Prasad Reddy reminded how NTR had once mentioned that Chandrababu was the biggest conman. He criticised that Chandrababu, in spite of promising removal of belt shops, had multiplied their number, thereby encouraging alcoholism. He commented that drought had successfully developed under Chandrababu's rule. He concluded that Chandrababu had taken the state of Andhra Pradesh to the first place in corruption at country level.
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