Babu Fails To Score Even One Out Of A Hundred

  • A politician stands
    for his word
  • Political system needs
  • Babu’s corruption and
    deception shall be exposed from time to time
  • The media should do
    their part of help: YS Jagan

YSR District
The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan opined that the deceptive
political system needed transformation. He spoke during the launch of
Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress Programme in Idupulapaya village. He suggested that
people had to question the politicians who lied at the time of elections. He
slammed Chandrababu for making numerous impossible promises and for giving
prominence to corruption. YS Jagan remarked that none of the promises made by
Babu to people including loan waiver, jobs or stipend for the unemployed. He
ridiculed that Chandrababu could also promise a car or an airplane for every
household in 2019 elections.

A politician stands for his word

YS Jagan mentioned
that a politician always stood for his word and made sure his promises were
implemented. He suggested that people should be able to question him if he did
otherwise. He informed that a Praja Ballot had been created with details of the
promises made at the time of elections and that it would be used for asking
opinions of people about how far the promises had been realised. The
questionnaire was framed for getting answers in a yes/no format. He mentioned
that the Praja Ballot results so far yielded not even 1 of out a score of 100.

A story about Babu

YS Jagan informed that
a story had been printed in the brochure about the Rs.1,45,000 crore worth corruption
committed by Chandrababu and this could bring awareness among people about the
unlawful activities of the ruling party. He stated that he would participate in
the Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme himself and bring about enthusiasm
and excitement in the party cadre. He encouraged the media to do their part in
questioning the corrupt politicians and bringing about transformation in the
political system.

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