Babu Crazy About Land Acquisition

  • Chandrababu
    is thirsty for lands
  • He
    is grabbing lands everywhere
  • He
    is forcing aqua foods factory on people
  • Chandrababu’s
    Government will soon be drowned in the Bay of Bengal

West Godavari
: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS
Jagan suggested against construction of aqua foods factory in spite of people’s
resistance. Mentioning that moving the factory to a nearby shore area would be
a better option. He cautioned that Chandrababu's
Government and aqua foods management would meet the fate of being drowned in
the Bay of Bengal if they went against the interest of the people. He
held face-to-face discussion with the victims of the aqua foods park at

to factory-friendly group 

YS Jagan stated that he had met certain people
during the tour, who wished for the factory’s construction in order for
employment opportunities to improve. But the place was not right, he remarked.
If the factory was moved 10 km away, it would benefit everybody, he suggested.
Building the factory in the present place would cause pollution and collapse of
many families around it, he added.

way beneficial to everyone

YS Jagan opined that moving the factory to a shore
area 10km away from the current site would make sure everyone was benefited. He
suggested that a factory should ensure people’s happiness for at least 50
years. If the factory was shifted now, the management would not incur much
loss, he said. He said that foresight would prevent heavy losses and garner
admiration from everybody. He opined that imposition of section 144 on people
was not the right way to tackle the situation. He slammed buying the lands in the
name of aquaculture lakes and now setting up a factory in that place.

is crazy about it

YS Jagan ridiculed that Babu had grown the habit of
grabbing lands from people against their interest. He recollected how Babu had
acquired thousands of acres in the name of Machilipatnam port and Araravathi
construction by setting fire on their crops. He slammed the Government for
oppressing the dharnas and hunger strikes done against Bhogapuram airport. He condemned
the way TDP leaders were marking those who spoke against the Government as
opponents of development.

YS Jagan suggested that the project would not have
to be stopped if they thought in the right way. He cautioned that YSRCP would
form the Government in two more years if Chandrababu continued to rule
tyrannically. He predicted that Babu's Government and aqua foods management
would meet the fate of being drowned in the Bay of Bengal if they went against
the interest of the people.

to people’s fight

He reminded that CPM state secretary Madhu was sent
to jail for opposing the project and their leader Granthi Srinivas fought to
get him released. He also stated that YSRCP leaders had fought later on various
occasions. He cautioned the Government against imposing false cases on everyone
who spoke against its tyrannical behaviour. He assured support to people at all


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