Is Babu The CM Of AP Or Of Singapore?

YSRCP MLA and president of women’s wing of the party, RK Roja questioned if
Chandrababu was the CM of AP or of Singapore. She demanded to know how Babu had
decided the percentage of Singapore in the construction of the capital was 58%.
She spoke to the media at the party’s central office in Lotus Pond of
Hyderabad. She opined that Singapore’s companies were enjoying many times the
benefits with an investment as low as Rs.350 crore. She complained that the
companies just took care of construction while land, water, electricity and
other resources were being provided.

Everything is foreign

Roja remarked that Babu was placing AP
in the hands of foreign people, after all these years of enjoying independence
from foreign people with great deal of difficulty. She criticised the ruling
party leaders for playing the fiddle for whaever Chandrababu had to say and do.
She complained that corruption was going on in the deals with Singapore and
stated that they would go to Delhi and meet PM Modi in order to stop the
implementation of Swiss challenge system. She spoke against buying lands in the
capital area in the name of benamis and now dealing with companies of Singapore
to benefit the benamis again.

Destruction in the name of

Roja commented that Babu had been
planning to cause the destruction of the state in the name of capital city
construction. She reminded that Kelkar committee appointed by the central
Government had reported that Swiss challenge system was unsuitable to the
situation and that the Supreme Court also had advised against it. She stated
that YSRCP would relentlessly fight against the system. She mentioned that
people would keep Chandrababu at a distance in future just like they maintained
distance from Sonia Gandhi who had broken the state into two. She blamed Babu
for changing Telugu Desam Party into Telugu Dongala Party (a party of thieves).

Modi for Make In India and
Babu for Take In India

Roja commented that Babu was branding ‘Take
in India’ just like Modi was branding ‘Make in India’. She questioned the
silence of BJP leaders towards Chandrababu’s corrupt rule. She exclaimed that
the capital city did not belong to Babu or his family but belonged to the
state. She remarked that Babu as well as the Singapore’s companies knew pretty
well that TDP would not come into power the next time. Hence they had included
the clause that the system had to continue with any Government in future, she
added. She slammed TDP’s control on news channels and filling cases against
people who spoke against them or resorting to cruel things like putting their
fields on fire.

No police

Roja commented that Chandrababu had
adopted the situation from the movie of his brother-in-law and MLA Balakrishna
with the famous line “no police”. She complained that there was no police
intervention when Babu’s craze for publicity had killed 29 people in Godavari
pushkarams, TDP leaders’ misdeeds had caused the death of Rishiteswari, when
hundreds of women had been harassed through prostitution in Call Money sex scam
or when Chintamaneni had assaulted Vanajakshi. Roja remarked that Babu’s
behaviour was like searching for a gold tumbler for water when a person was


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