Babu Bali Part 2 Would Send Babu To Jail

  • Chandrababu cannot
    empty YSRCP at any cost
  • Why is Babu vengeful
    towards Rayalaseema?
  • Chandrababu is the
    personification of drought
  • KCR showed Chandrababu
    ‘Babu Bali part 1’
  • Does Babu dare to make
    MLAs resign?
  • Roja slams Chandrababu

Roja made pungent comments on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. She called him the
personification of drought. She spoke in solidarity to the Jala Deeksha being
staged by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan at Kurnool. She
remarked that the state had suffered from drought during the previous 9-year
tenure of Chandrababu and now drought had again attacked the state since the
last two years of his rule. She commented that his arrival at Krishna Delta had
changed the whole area into a desert, his stay at Lingamaneni estate had caused
Prakasam barrage to dry up and his first step in Kurnool meant Srisailam
project’s water level going down. She criticised Chandrababu for going on
family joy trips abroad at such a tough situation.

Roja complained that
Chandrababu was catching hold of drought funds and after sanctioning Rs.39
crore for buttermilk, he was boosting sales of Heritage buttermilk. She also
mentioned that while the CMs of all the other states were meeting PM Modi to
request for help during the ongoing drought crisis, Chandrababu had flown
abroad to save his corrupt money in Switzerland under benami accounts. She also
criticised that when the state was at loss of Rs.4000 crore, Chandrababu could
not even get Rs.400 crore from the centre. Roja reminded that projects were
being built in upstream areas when the cattle in the state did not even have
water to drink. She slammed Babu’s silence when Rayalaseema was in the verge of
changing into a desert. She mentioned that Rayalaseema would not get even a
drop of water if Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi lift irrigation schemes were
completed. She questioned how Babu could stay silent when these projects had
been going on since a year.

Roja commented that
KCR had scared Chandrababu and ridiculed that KCR had shown him ‘Babu Bali part
1’ (to rhyme with the recent hit film ‘Bahubali’ directed by Rajamouli). She
added that it was why Chandrababu had been staying far from Hyderabad. She also
mentioned that if part 2 of it was released, it would send Babu to jail. Roja
remarked that Chandrababu had mortgaged the state’s special status to the
centre and Rayalaseema’s projects to KCR due to the fear of being punished for
Note for Vote case. She commented that Chandrababu had vengeful attitude
towards the people of Rayalaseema for not voting for him. Roja complained that
Chandrababu had wasted Rs.1500 crore in the name of Pattiseema’s commissions
and slammed him for neglecting the projects of Handri-Neeva and Galeru-Nagari.
She expressed disgust towards fake SC and ST cases and unfair suspensions she
had faced for speaking out against his atrocities.

Roja exclaimed that it
was impossible for Chandrababu or anybody else to empty YSRCP. She reminded that
Chandrababu had won elections by pleading Modi and Pawan Kalyan and still
gaining majority by a very narrow margin of 5 lakhs. She recollected that YS
Jagan, at the time of beginning his party itself, had won his MP seat with a
margin of 5.5 lakhs. She challenged Chandrababu to make his MLAs resign and
seek fresh mandate if he had Rayalaseema’s blood flowing in his vessels. She
stated that she was declaring war against Chandrababu on behalf of YS Jagan.
She confided that by-elections would prove the reality about Chandrababu’s
development and the affection shared by people with YS Jagan.


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